Rutherford B. Hayes Diary Entry, August 2, 1877

This August 2, 1877 entry from President Rutherford B. Hayes' diary notes the proximity of his relatives to the violence in Pittsburgh.

Soldiers' Home.—On our return from our Boston and Harvard trip, the last of June, we came out to the Soldiers' Home for our summer residence. It is an agreeable abode for the hot weather. Our month here has passed away swiftly. Ruddy and Fanny went with Emily and Ruddy Platt to Ohio just as the strike was breaking out, about the 18th of July. They passed through Pittsburgh only about twenty-four hours before the dreadful events of that awful Sunday. Fanny will stay with Laura during the hot weather, either at Columbus or Gambier.

About this Document

  • Source: Rutherford B. Hayes Diary
  • Editor: Charles Richard Williams
  • Publisher: Ohio State Archeological and Historical Society
  • Published: Columbus, Ohio
  • Note: Accessed online on July 24, 2006 at
  • Date: 1922