Marshalltown, IA Speech 2, 1896-10-08

Speech by William Jennings Bryan.

Speech by William Jennings Bryan
Thursday, October 8, 1896
Opera House, Marshalltown, IA

Source: DEPEND UPON CLUBS, Workers Have One Sort to Offset the Kind That the Employer Uses., Omaha World-Herald (Morning Edition), Friday, October 9, 1896

"We have to depend largely upon clubs to carry this election. I think that the club is of more importance in this campaign than it has been in recent years. The silver clubs must do much upon our side to offset the club that employers hold over their employees. (Cheers.) If some foreign enemy were to approach our shores I could go among these people and could enlist men who would be willing to devote not a day, but months and even years to repel the invaders. Today we are in the presence of the invasion, not of a foreign enemy, but of a financial policy. It is invading our shores and I appeal to you to enlist for one day—election day.

This gold standard that is worshiped by those who dare not proclaim the god which they worship; this gold standard, which is secretly advanced at every possible moment, and yet with all its advances under cover and behind a mask, this gold standard is today threatening the American people.

I want to ask the silver clubs of [[illegible]] I have already asked the silver clubs throughout the United States, to do one thing that will prove their loyalty and aid our cause. We are making a poor man's fight. We have not money even for legitimate campaign expenses; but, my friends, we have zeal on our side and zeal is worth more than dollars in such a fight. I want to ask the free silver clubs of Iowa and every silver club in the United States to meet at the polling place on election morning and give the whole day to work for free silver. (Applause.) My friends, this is but a little request and yet, if the members of the clubs will comply with it, it means much for the cause of bimetallism."

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  • Source: Omaha World-Herald (Morning Edition)
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  • Date: October 8, 1896