Letter from Sally A. Kendrick to Jennie Reed, June 19, 1867

In this letter from June 19, 1867, Sally A. Kendrick writes to Jennie Reed, wife of Samuel Reed, thanking her for the books she sent. She notes she is glad to hear that Mr. Reed has recovered from his illness, and wishes she could travel "over the glorious West" to see them. She states she is "glad that the church has two such men on the Union Pacific Road as S.B. Reed & General Simpson," as they will spread good impressions of Christianity as they make their way further into the West.

My Dear Friend

I received your letter day before yesterday, and the Book on Western Incidents yesterday. I thank you sincerely for both also for the novel Arche [sic] Lovell. Who is Capt. Henry M. Smith. The reason that I did not receive the [pacake] sooner was, my brother in law's name is Allen Lathan not Lathan Allen, so of course I did not get them untill [sic] after I received your kind letter telling me of it so I took the letter with me and explained matters so got it without trouble. I am very much interested in the Book of Incidents and think that I shall be in the novel also. I was very glad indeed to hear from you and to find that your good husband is well again, I wish that I could see you and Mr. Reed and have a good chat as we used to in old times. And also that I could travil [sic] with you over the glorious West often when these Cincinnati people are going East I wander [sic] why they do not go West North West instead. I know if I had the means to travil [sic] that would be my course.

I am glad that our Bishops and clergy are going in that direction. I hope that at every opening our church will unfurl its banner and am glad that the church has two such men on the Union Pacific Road as S.B. Reed & General Simpson. Such church men as they will have an untold influence. Both of them are such consistant [sic] church men, Christian church men, that all thrown with them must and will admire the church through them. Our church that is the one that I attend is in a very flourishing condition, though the Ohio Bishop is rather a Presbyterian or a Methodist one. I do not know which as both claim him. All that I know is he is no church man. When you see Mrs. Ellwood please remember me to her, I liked her very much indeed. Cin. is very healthy this summer so far the Dr. says never more so. I hope that we will have no colera [sic] . My nephew that I wrote to you about has gotten a Lieutenancy in the regular army and is now in Charlestown [sic] South Carolina. He is very much pleased. I thank you again for the book that you sent me it will be doubly interesting as I know so many that are mentioned I am acquainted with. There is nothing in this city to write about, so I will close. There is nothing but a humdrum citty [sic] life. It seems to be the most useless life in the world if it were not for my Sunday school and my little niece that I have to take care of and my lame sick sister, I should feel that I was the barren fir tree spoken of in the Bible. But with these I fee [sic] as though God still had a work for me to do. Give my love to your husband and children.

I am your affectionate friend
Sally A. Kendrick

(Box 2648)

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  • Source: Letter from Sally A. Kendrick to Jennie Reed
  • Extent: 4 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 34
  • Date: June 19, 1867