Letter to Jennie Reed, August 15, 1867

In this letter from August 15, 1867, Mina writes to her sister Jennie Reed, wife of Samuel Reed, discussing her experiences working in Atlanta, Georgia. She states that her pay for the last month was only twenty dollars, as she was only in Atlanta for eleven days. She tells Jennie Reed that she will write to a Mr. Knowlton the next week regarding a railway pass, and hopes to "get up home in a week or two."

Dear Sister

I have waited this late in the week before writing so as to tell you about the sociable I attended last night. And about getting my pay. Wor [sic] that white dress last night. There were a great many ladies out but no gentlemen. There are scarcly [sic] any in town and such a number of pretty young ladies it is quite to [sic] bad. The pay train went down today. I was dreading going in with all the men around the station when Mr. [Booth] the civil engineer whom I had met in Joliet came out and took me in another way and gave me an introduction to Mr. Hale and Major Nolton the pay master, so that I got along very nicely.

I received a letter from brother J.B. yesterday. Intended to send it up but forgot it. He says they are all well but little [Howdie] who has had to have his leg cut open and the bone scrapped [sic] twice. I think it is so sad. I am afraid he will be always lame.

I will write to Mr. Knowlton concerning pass next week. Will give you time to send that one to young Mr. Knowlton. I have not spoken to Mrs. Harness concerning board but will this evening. I only received twenty dollars for last month, as I was here only 11 days.

Saw Mrs. Christie the other day. She was sorry not to see you Jennie; was very pleasant indeed and they all are.

I am in hopes to get up home in a week or two.

There is to be a fair down here union of several counties commences 10th of Sept. It will be very nice every one [sic] says. I suppoz [sic] it will give me plenty to do. I have got some chrochet [sic] braid and make [one] stick a day. If you want any I can send you some, any time [sic] . It is real nice the smallest I could get.

The train is coming and I must close. With much love to all the friends. And many kisses to yourselves and children. I remain your sister Mina. I shall want to hear from Annie.

I did not get my letter ready for yesterday's train. recd yours was glad to hear of your safe arrival. Will mention in letter to Mr. K. about Anne. I have not seen about ruffling but there is no hurry and have as much as I can get done at present. Much love to all. Mina.

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Mina to Jennie Reed
  • Extent: 4 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 34
  • Date: August 15, 1867