Letter from Jennie Reed to Samuel B. Reed, February 22, 1867

In this letter from February 22, 1867, Jennie Reed writes from Joliet, Illinois to her husband, Samuel Reed, in Omaha, Nebraska in answer to his complaints that he has not received letters from her. She, in turn, complains about the length of his letters while noting that she does not doubt he is busy enough that he has little time to write more. She also inquires about John R. Boyle's location, and tells her husband she is "so sorry that you feel so lonely yet you chose the sad part & would not let me go."

Feb 22 1867

My Own Dear Samuel

Your kind letter of the 17th is at hand. You complain of not hearing from me but doubtless have ere this. You have written and it has given me such pleassure [sic] to secure your notes if I may so call them, as they are brief necessarily, no doubt, yet very acceptibly [sic] . I have heard indirectly and not altogether reliably, that Mr. Boyle has gone to [Newpark]. You doubtless know by this time if this is correct. I think it strange that you get no word. Yet keep me posted as to your own self and every thing as it goes & you need not fear but your letter shall be guardidly [sic] kept. The weather is cold & the ground a good deal of snow upon it. It is very kind [in] Mrs. Lucy to invite you to dine. I hope you will be socialable [sic] and friendly with every one. You meet, as this does no harm, and makes life pleassant [sic] as it passes by. Please cultivate the same [?] that has prevailed since your illness & all will be right. You dearest and best of husbands have been more likely the blessed man I married nearly twelve years since than I can express. Is not this a compliment? I am writing in much haste fearing that my messenger will not tarry. I am so sorry that you feel so lonely yet you chose the sad part & would not let me go. However it is best no doubt as I find a great deal to do making sheets the first for a long time & many other things for daily comfort, beside teaching Anne her lessons. Cousin is the same blessed girl & I do wish I could do all my heart [dictates] that is have some rich baron leave me a fortune. Where is Mr. Carter? The children send love to the dearest of Papas. Have you found you a suitable wearing coat? I think the stock must be low in Omaha. Shall I have [Mr.] all select the right size from his stock of ready made clothing & send it? Answer.

Yours in love
Jennie E. Reed.

Rollin is at some friends will be up in a day or two.

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  • Source: Letter from Jennie Reed to Samuel B. Reed
  • Extent: 4 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 34
  • Date: February 22, 1867