Letter from Peter A. Dey to Samuel B. Reed, December 10, 1864

In this letter from December 10, 1864, Peter A. Dey, Chief Engineer for the Union Pacific Railroad, writes to Samuel Reed describing the way in which Reed should prepare his survey report for the Railroad's directors. Dey also mentions that Reed has his full support and that he (Dey) voiced this sentiment to members of the Board.

Samuel B. Reed Esq Dear Sir

Not having heard from you since you left, presume it will take all your time to complete your profiles by the first of January, and therefore shall forward my Report with that of Mr. Evans and Case and think you had better send yours directly to Mr. Durant in New York . In case you do that be very particular in your language, that it may convey its meaning fully and clearly to men who have not devoted as much thought, to routes, and lines, and the topography of that country as you and I have. I shall leave here about Christmas, but feel anxious should I not be able present to explain your papers that the Board at its annual meeting will see exactly what you have done.

I have expressed myself so strongly in my letters to Mr. Seymour and Mr. Durant on the subject of your compensation that I feel that I can do nothing more. In conversation with Mr. Seymour, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Henry, I made use of the following language, that the examination of that Utah region was in the hands of the best man for the purpose, that I knew of, and asked Mr. Henry if I was not correct, he answered with considerable warmth and very positively yes. I think if you would address him as a Director asking him, as a matter of justice, to use his influence with the Executive Committee that he would fully endorse everything I have said, a man on the spot to suggest will do more than many letters. After Christmas address me care H. Thompson Black Rock Erie Co. New York . My wife will forward letters.

Respectfully Yours
Peter A. Dey

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Peter A. Dey to Samuel B. Reed
  • Extent: 2 pages
  • Citation: Special Collections, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa, Papers of Levi O. Leonard, Box 26, Folder: "Samuel Benedict Reed Correspondence, 1860-1865"
  • Date: December 10, 1864