Letter from Juliet L. Elwood to Jennie Reed, September 12, 1867

In this letter from September 12, 1867, Juliet L. Elwood writes to Jennie Reed, wife of Samuel Reed, discussing plans to travel to St. Louis and the possibility of accompanying her on a trip to Omaha, Nebraska. She inquires about the prospects of Mrs. Reed procuring a railway pass for her for the journey. She also details an encounter she had on the railroad cars during a day trip to Joliet, Illinois with a "military gentleman" who knew Samuel Reed. She states that she "understood him to say he was Prest of Pacific Road, but I think I must of course have misunderstood, as Gen Dix is President, or was."

Lockport. Thursday A.M.

Dear Mrs. Reed,

I had supposed you had given up the proposed trip to Omaha and (so on) but your husband's brother (Tuesday evening) said you had not. Do not think me impertinent at what I am going to write. I do hope you are not having any trouble in procuring passes at this end of the route. It getting along into the middle of Sept, I had thought you were going to defer the Of course I shall be happy to accept your pass from Omaha. trip until next year. (That is taking so many friends with you.) I have promised to go to St. Louis the very 1st of Oct. (It has worred me a little, thinking you felt you must procure a pass for me, and I hope you will not do so.) For if you go and desire very much the company of Mrs. E. Why she I shall break the engagement for St. Lou and go with you. Though to tell the truth I had almost hoped you had abandoned the scheme for this month. I must say this is rather a lame getting at what I desire to say. I was quite disappointed at your not coming up last Saturday. We should have been so happy to have seen Mrs. Andrews with you, also, Mrs. Richards. If I could see you a few moments I could make my ideas a little more lucid through the medium of the tongue, thatn I fancy I have with the pen.

Yesterday morning we went to Joliet to spend the day. (Mrs. Hawley and myself.) And on the cars I took a seat by the side of a military gentleman, who as we came into Joliet, said: "Madam what place is this." I answered Joliet. "Ah, this is where Mr. Reed lives" of the Pacific R R. Can you point out his house. I told him of course that it was too far out to be seen from the cars. He had the locality in his mind. I understood him to say he was Prest of Pacific Road, but I think I must of course have misunderstood, as Gen Dix is President, or was. Hoping to hear soon from you. I will [hurter] to a finale as I wish to part this that it may reach you today. With kind remembrances for your sisters, and the ladies if still you with you. I will good bye.

Your friend
Juliet L. Elwood

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Juliet L. Elwood to Jennie Reed
  • Extent: 4 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 34
  • Date: September 12, 1867