This July 25, 1877 article from the Pittsburgh Daily Post notes the response of the federal government to the strikes and describes where military personnel will be stationed.

WASHINGTON. The Railway Strike Considered in the Cabinet. Operations of the Printing and Engraving Bureau. THE CABINET ON THE STRIKING TROUBLES.

WASHINGTON, July 24.-The Cabinet session to-day lasted until after two o'clock, discussing mostly the railroad troubles. Telegrams from military commanders showed the condition of affairs, which show that quiet prevails in Philadelphia, and General Hancock is fully able to suppress any disorder there. Telegrams from Chicago and other points West show the state of affairs there, and the Secretary of War explained the movements of troops. A regiment of infantry will be ordered West from the Department of the South to strengthen the Federal forces in that section. The President and Cabinet feel confident the Government is fully able to suppress disorder with the force now available and the prompt action of the Secretaries of War and Navy in disposing of United States forces quietly, so as to aid the civil authorities, met the approval of all. Several military commanders now have ample forces at their disposal, and other troops are within reach to reinforce them without delay in case of necessity. The War Department ordered a strong force of the Ninth Infantry to proceed to Rock Island, Illinois, and there await further orders. Eight additional companies of infantry have been ordered to St. Louis. Six companies of the Twenty second infantry, on duty in the Sioux country for some time past, are on their return to the Department of Lakes, and have been ordered to stop at Chicago.


The government has made complete arrangements for having immediate telegraphic communication with every point where strikers are. Every signal observer has been ordered to inform the War Department of the situation of affairs in his vicinity.

Special Notice.

Until further notice the passenger trains of the P.C. & St. L. R.R. will leave and arrive at Birmingham Station on regular card time.

  • S.M. Felton, Gen'l Supt.
  • E. Reynolds, Pass. Agt.
  • W.L. O'Brien, Gen'l. Pass. Agt.

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  • Source: The Daily Post
  • Date: July 25, 1877