They'll Fight

William Jennings Bryan's World Herald calls attention to the demands of workers and the situation evolving around the Union Pacific receivership.


O. R. & N. Employes Want Their Wages Left Alone—Other Rail Notes.

The employes of the Oregon Railway and navigation lines will not submit to a reduction in wages without making a fight, and that is well known. Notwithstanding that they are no longer employes of the Union Pacific, and alleged to be out of Union Pacific, and alleged to be out of Union Pacific organizations, they are still accepting the advice of the leaders of the Union Pacific organizations. They have petitioned the United States judge in Portland to restrain Receiver McNeill from placing in effect the reduction of wages, and to make the order perpetual.

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  • Source: Omaha World Herald
  • Citation: 5
  • Date: September 7, 1894