Thurston-Bryan Debate

Plans for the joint Thurston-Bryan debate proceed.


Generally Understood That the Meeting Will Occur Tuesday Afternoon.

Things have changed since Willie challenged John M. Thurston and Governor McKinley but it is now pretty certain that the joint debate will take place Tuesday in Lincoln. John Dowden of the Lansing theatre was in Omaha yesterday trying to complete arrangements for turning over the theatre building on that date and last night he was of the opinion that he had succeeded, since he received no telegram to the contrary from headquarters at Omaha. Therefore it is assumed than nothing now stands in the way of the debate between John M. Thurston and Congressman Bryan. The arrangements as contemplated provide for an afternoon meeting, instead of a night meeting as was first proposed. If no advices are received to the contrary the debate will commence Tuesday next in the Lansing at 2 p.m. sharp, each debator to talk hour and twenty minutes, Bryan to open and close.

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  • Source: Nebraska State Journal
  • Citation: 6
  • Date: October 14, 1894