Toledo, OH Speech 1, 1896-09-02

Speech by William Jennings Bryan.

Speech by William Jennings Bryan
Wednesday, September 2, 1896 at 9:00pm
High School Square, Toledo , OH

Source: The Evening News, Thursday, September 3, 1896

"There are three classes of people, yea, four, interested in the restoration of bimetallism. There is the farmer; his toil, his muscle, his sweat, his brain convert the natural resources of this nation into material wealth, and unless he can sell what he produces for more than the cost of production he cannot afford to produce it. The condition of the farmer, who ought to be the independent person among all, has grown worse and worse until the farmers' sons are being driven into cities to contest for a job with the people living in the cities. (Applause.)

Laboring men are interested in the restoration of bimetallism. Why? Because bimetallism gives more opportunities for labor, more constant employment, and that is the first thing the laborer desires. (Applause.)

The business man is interested in bimetallism because he makes his money out of those to whom he sells. If farmers and laborers cannot buy, he cannot sell. And if he cannot sell, he cannot buy from the wholesaler or the manufacturer. The business man is finding out that he needs free silver. Some of them have been letting their bankers do their thinking, and they let them adopt a gold standard without knowing its effects upon themselves. But these business men who have been relying upon the local bankers find the local banker relies on the New York banker and the New York banker relies on the London banker and a few great magnates hold the strings to the brains of men who ought to think for themselves. (Tremendous applause.)

The professional man, the doctor, the lawyer, you men who belong to the professions, live upon the producers of wealth. You cannot destroy the prosperity of those who toil without undermining the foundation upon which you stand."

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