Letter from Jennie Reed to Samuel B. Reed, August 12, 1862

In this letter from August 12, 1862, Jennie Reed writes to her husband, Samuel Reed, from their home in Joliet, Illinois regarding rumors of a "large guerilla force near Hanibal [sic] " [Illinois]. She worries that Samuel may be "captured or killed or carried away a prisoner" and asks him to write her more often to reassure her of his safety. She also discusses the possibility of a draft and the harvesting and sale of the crops on their farm.

My Dear Samuel

I sent Martha to the office for your letter thinking you would send me one upon Monday morning, that was written Sunday, but was doomed to disappointment upon her return, I hope you will send me a line if no more once or twice a week for I feel these times more of less worried about you. News has reached us that there is quite a large guerilla force near Hanibal so that the town is deserted. This makes aunty worry for Adda's safety, and well she may, altho [sic] she has not started nor does she speak of doing so soon. This and other news makes me fear that you may be captured or killed or carried away a prisoner. The news this morning says six hundred thousand more men are called for. If so drafting must be the resort. Can it be time? I hope it is a false report. The harvesting is passing along very well altho [sic] it rained hard last night, but it cleared off this morning and has been a fine day our wheat across from the barn, and Mr. Bachus is all cut and burned. The rest of ours is not good. Mr. Carter's is also cut and burned. Mr. Bachus bought in, Carter sold in rather than help harvest. Charly cannot settle with him until you come, or he does not wish to settle as Charly thinks is right. About half of our oats are cut and burned opposite the house. If the weather is fine they will finish this week mostly. The flax is ready also as soon as they can attend to it. Thomas did not come. Charly hired a boy to drive for this week. Carter and son helped two or three days last [?]

Jennie E. Reed

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Jennie Reed to Samuel B. Reed
  • Extent: 2 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 28
  • Date: August 12, 1862