Letter from Samuel B. Reed to Wife and Family, January 14, 1868

In this letter from January 14, 1868, Samuel Reed writes to his wife and family describing the heavy snowfall in the timber-cutting areas, which makes it "impossible to haul much material." Reed hopes that this will not delay the delivery of ties for spring construction of the Union Pacific line.

Brown the tie inspector has just returned from the timber and reports three feet of snow where Davis, Sprague & Co. are making ties. It is impossible to haul much material. They have a large number made which will have to remain in the timber until spring. I hope they will do well and fill their contract.

The balance of the work is being pushed as rapidly as can be done at this season of the year. From all that I can learn it is the intention to build more road this year than either year that we have been at work. Nothing but the money I am earning from month to month keeps me in this dreary country.

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Samuel B. Reed to Wife and Family
  • Citation: Nebraska State Historical Society, Samuel Reed Papers (Union Pacific Railroad Collection), MS 3761, Unit 1, Subgroup 14, Series 1, Box 2, Letters to Wife and Family
  • Date: January 14, 1868