Letter from Samuel B. Reed to Wife and Family, June 23, 1868

In this letter from June 23, 1868, Samuel Reed writes to his wife and family describing his actions in regard to resigning his position as Superintendent of Construction for the Union Pacific Railroad.

I have just returned from Salt Lake City to my camp in the wild canons of the mountains. Your letter received. You have received ere this, my letter with copy of one I sent to New York office. I do not know what the result will be. If I am superseded I shall soon know and may before going home, run over to California. Please write me your views upon the course I have seen fit to pursue. I understand Mr. Boyle has gone home. He would have no chance after I had left the front. Every indignity that could be, would be heaped upon him to drive him from the line and his sensitive spirit would not stand it.

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Samuel B. Reed to Wife and Family
  • Citation: Nebraska State Historical Society, Samuel Reed Papers (Union Pacific Railroad Collection), MS 3761, Unit 1, Subgroup 14, Series 1, Box 2, Letters to Wife and Family
  • Date: June 23, 1868