Letter from Samuel B. Reed to Wife and Family, August 14, 1868

In this letter from August 14, 1868, Samuel Reed writes to his wife and family asking Mrs. Reed, who lives in Chicago , to meet Mark L. Seymour, a cousin of Colonel Silas Seymour, and join him on a trip to Reed's headquarters at the end of the Union Pacific line.

Mark L. Seymore, a cousin of the Colonel's, will be in Chicago about the first of September with his family on his way to this place. If you can come out with him as far as the end of the track where I will meet you with my buggy, you can telegraph me the time you will be there. I have built a comfortable office and living house at the mouth of Echo Canon, a romantic place in the mountains, where we will spend a part of the time you remain here. General and Mrs. Dodge are here.

Mrs. Reed, accompanied by Mrs. J. C. Elwood and the Rev. Mr. Gilbert, went to Echo during August and remained until the latter part of October.

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Samuel B. Reed to Wife and Family
  • Citation: Nebraska State Historical Society, Samuel Reed Papers (Union Pacific Railroad Collection), MS 3761, Unit 1, Subgroup 14, Series 1, Box 2, Letters to Wife and Family
  • Date: August 14, 1868