Letter from Danforth H. Ainsworth to Samuel B. Reed, April 13, 1860

In this letter from April 13, 1860, Danforth H. Ainsworth writes to Samuel Reed discussing his position in Iowa City, Iowa as resident engineer. He states that he "would like it pretty well if I had only a respectable salary," noting that he had wanted to work on his farm but did not have enough money to "take on the first year's experiments." Ainsworth concludes that he can stand his position so long as it is not often necessary to explain delinquent payments to his suppliers.

Iowa City

S B Reed Esqr
Dear Sir

When at Washington and Muscatine a few days ago, I was unable to find my leveling rod, and finally came to the conclusion that it went with that level of Mr. Farnam's.

Perhaps you can give me some information in reference to it.

I have been here since about the first of March as Resident Engineer, and would like it pretty well if I had only a respectable salary.

I think I can stand it however, if the necessity does not occur too often, for accounting for delinquency to the payment of claims, on the part of my supliyres [sic] .

I had made all my arrangements to go to farming, and really disliked to give up the idea. But as I had no money to take on the first year's experiments, when the opportunity of coming here offered itself, I rented about one half the farm and hired one of Col. Bailey's boys to work the balance.

I presume you are deeply immersed in [agin] cultural pursuits, and have perhaps have almost forgotten that you [muesse] any thing else but a farmer. I envy you the comforts of a farm house if not of that [fogetfulness].

My family is still at Washington , and I generally get home once a fortnight.

Our work here has come almost to a standstill owing to some right-of-way troubles.

As doubtful things are so very uncertain I may possibly be farming yet this summer.

Please remember me kindly to Mrs. Reed, and let me hear from you as soon and as often as the activity of a farmer's life will permit.

Truly Yours
D.H. Ainsworth

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  • Source: Letter from Danforth Hulburt Ainsworth to Samuel B. Reed
  • Extent: 3 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 25
  • Date: April 13, 1860