Letter from Samuel B. Reed to Henry C. Crane, December 31, 1867

In this letter from December 31, 1867, Samuel Reed writes to Henry Crane describing the progress of the erection of telegraph lines near Saunders, Nebraska. He states that he cannot find anyone to do the grading work west of the Little Laramie River "at 30," as many who have been doing the grading over the past season have left the area for the winter. He recommends his friend John Boyle for the contract, if Boyle will agree to do the work at the rate of thirty cents.

Union Pacific Railroad,
Office of the Supt. & Engr. of Construction.

H. C. Crane Secry
20 Nassau Street NY

Dear Sir

The telegraph line is built to Saunders except putting up fifteen miles of wire. From that place I will have 35 poles per mile put up and get red cedar if posable [sic] at same rates that I have been paying for them heretofore viz $1.50 each.

I cannot let the grading west of Little Laramie at 30 Quite a No of parties that have been grading the past season have left the county for the winter.

You had better let Boyle the work if he will do it for 30

Yours very respectfully
Saml. B. Reed

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Samuel B. Reed to H. C. Crane
  • Extent: 1 page
  • Citation: Special Collections, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa, Papers of Levi O. Leonard, Box 26, Samuel Benedict Reed Correspondence: 1867
  • Date: December 31, 1867