Governor Carroll's Proclamation

In this July 20, 1877 proclamation, Maryland Governor John L. Carroll asks the citizens of Maryland to abstain from acts of lawlessness and assist the authorities in maintaining law and order. Carroll refers to the strike as a "conspiracy" to interfere with the business of the railroad.


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Almost simultaneously with this order the Governor issued the following proclamation, one thousands copies of which were ordered to be printed and distributed in Cumberland and other points in the State on the lines of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad:

"Whereas, It has come to the knowledge of the Executive that combinations of men have been formed at various points along the line of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in this State, and that a conspiracy exists, the object of which is to impede the traffic and interfere with legitimate business of the said railroad company; and

Whereas, various acts of lawlessness and intimidation to effect this purpose, have been perpetrated in this State by bodies of men with whom the local authorities are, in some instances, incompetent to deal; and

Whereas, It is of the first importance that good order should everywhere prevail, and that citizens of every class should be protected;

Therefore, I, John Lee Carroll, Governor of Maryland, by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby issue this my proclamation, calling upon all citizens of this State to abstain from acts of lawlessness, and to aid the lawful authorities in the maintenance of peace and order.


About this Document

  • Source: Baltimore American
  • Author: John Lee Carroll
  • Published: Baltimore
  • Citation: page 1
  • Date: July 20, 1877