Riot at Camden Depot

This article from the July 21, 1877 issue of the Baltimore Sun gives an account of the rioters assaulting the Fifth Maryland Regiment at Camden Station in Baltimore.

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Riot at Camden Depot.

There was no actual outbreak, however, until the regiment was about turning into Camden street, near the depot, from Eutaw street, when they were assaulted with stones and bricks, which persons in the crowd seemed to have in their possession. The assault was kept up until the regiment entered the depot, and although some of the men were roughly handled they refrained from using their weapons in self-defense. The affray caused intense excitement, and there was a general rush to get out of harms way. Women with children in their arms were hustled roughly about, but as far as learned none of them were seriously hurt, though several received bruises. The first company came to a charge bayonets while passing through a cloud of missiles near the depot entrance, but not a gun was fired.

The regiment was under the best control and did not resent the attack. William Sudsberg, living at No. 59 Hillman street was struck on the head with a stone and badly hurt. Several of the soldiers were injured. H. H. Flack, a private of Company C, was badly cut upon the head. He was taken into a car and his wound dressed by Surgeon Smith, who remarked he did not expect to get into service soon. The surgeon advised Flack to remain at home, and he replied he was going now if he was buried up there. Lieut. Wm. H Rogers and Lieut. Spear, of Company C, had their heads cut, neither seriously hurt; privates W. S. Lilly and McKenzie, and color bearer Wells were also hurt, either at the time the regiment was assaulted on the street or by missiles thrown into the depot after their arrival, where the crowd pressed closely upon them and repeated the assault. The regiment quietly embarked on board the cars, but it soon became apparent that the train could not leave the depot without difficulty.

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  • Source: Baltimore Sun
  • Date: July 21, 1877