PUCK'S CARTOONS. Digging Their Own Graves.

This article was a supplement explaining the image on the cover page of the July 25, 1877 issue of PUCK Magazine

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The misguided men who are now acquiring so much notoriety by their lawless conduct will assuredly bitterly repent their rashness. Let them strike if they will, that is their own business, but they are not justified, under any circumstances, in preventing other men willing to work at the rate offered by the railroad companies. PUCK will always uphold the rights of the laborer, but when he exceeds his rights PUCK has not a word of sympathy for him, and will not countenance his disgraceful and unmanly conduct for a moment. As Hidibras asks:

"For what's the worth of anything
But so much money as it will bring?"

So is it with labor—if one workman demands more for his labor than another will supply if for, he is above the market and must either accept his current price, become a pauper, or take his labor elsewhere. PUCK fervently hopes that the rascally ringleaders of the short-sighted strikers may meet with punishment they so richly deserve, however severe the measures taken to suppress them and assert the majesty of the law may be.

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  • Source: Puck Humorous Weekly
  • Publisher: Puck Publishing Co.
  • Date: July 25, 1877