Letter from Danforth H. Ainsworth to Samuel B. Reed, October 13, 1863

In this letter from October 13, 1863, Danforth H. Ainsworth writes to Samuel Reed expressing little surprise at the lack of "prospects of progress" on the Burlington and Missouri Railroad. He discusses the prospects for the success of and employment on the Burlington and Missouri Railroad, the Union Pacific Railroad, the Cedar Rapids Railroad, and the Mississippi and Missouri Railroad. He also states that he hopes to sell his farm soon, and wants very much to see Reed during his impending visit to Joliet, Illinois.

various mathematical calculations appear here many are illegible due to numerous deletions and additions
Ainsworth Iowa

S B Reed Esqu Dear Sir

Yours of yesterday reached me today, and I am glad to hear from you though sorry the prospects of progress on B & M RR are not better.

I have, however, lived long enough in Iowa not to be much disappointed if RR Cos do not "come to time," but not until within the last year have I concluded that they are all about alike.

Should you soon go beyond the Missouri River making surveys, for aught I now know to the contrary I shall be glad to accompany you.

On the 25 of Sept Brayton wished to know if I would go with him into Nebraska to assist in "Pacific RR" surveys, and if so to be ready to leave with him on the 30th, or on about 4 days notice.

I wrote him that if I could one week longer, I would go, but heard nothing further from him directly.

Since one told me that he left on Saturday Oct 3.

The Cedar Rapids road I understand has also a party of engineers seeking a "Pacific RR" extension.

Mr. Boyle I have not seen for some time, but learn he has a contract on the M & M between Grinnell and Newton.

I have advertised my farm in the papers that I may appear in earnest about wishing to sell, and hope I may soon find a purchaser as I offer for $25.00 per acre. Mrs. Ainsworth is getting ready to leave tomorrow for Joliet and I expect to follow on Saturday so as to be at your place on Sunday and go on to New Albany Ind with her early in the week. I am in hopes you may happen home next Sunday so I may see you. Can't you do so?

If I sell out before my family return, I hardly expect to live in this county again. I have enough of farming to last me a year or two.

But I shall hope to see you at home, and I will talk about these matters then. Mrs. A wishes to be kindly remembered.

Give my regards to Mr. Thielsen as well as Mr. [Caiper].

Truly your friend
D.H. Ainsworth

More mathematical calculations appear below the text (upside down), with many additions and deletions.

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  • Source: Letter from Danforth Hurlburt Ainsworth to Samuel B. Reed
  • Extent: 4 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 30
  • Date: October 13, 1863