Governor Matthews Explains

West Virginia Governor Henry M. Matthews replies to Secretary of War George McCrary's request for more information about the state's military strength, noting that some of the state and local militia were sympathetic to the strikers. He also claims that U.S. troops are necessary to prevent "bloodshed."

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Hon. George W. McCrary, Secretary of War:

The only organized force in the State consists of four companies. Two of them are at Martinsburg, and in sympathy with the rioters, who are believed to be eight hundred strong; another company is thirty-eight miles from the railroad, and only one company of forty men efficient. There are no organized militia in the State. I will send Colonel Delaplaine to see the President, if desired. He is at Martinsburg. I have been reluctant to call on the President, but deemed it necessary to prevent bloodshed.


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  • Source: Baltimore American
  • Author: Henry M. Matthews
  • Published: Baltimore
  • Citation: page 1
  • Date: July 18, 1877