Contract for Negro Slaves, December 23, 1853

In December 1853, George A. Farrow and David Hansbrough signed a contract with the Blue Ridge Railroad to provide fifty slaves to assist in the construction of the Blue Ridge railroad tunnel.

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Blue Ridge Rail Road

Contract with Farrow
& Hansbrough for negroes

23. Decr. 1853.Recd. 5. Jany 1854.5. Jan.y 1854.

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Blue Ridge Railroad

Contract for the hire of Negroes

Articles of Agreement

Entered into this Twenty-third day of December in the year Eighteen hundred and fifty three between the Board of Public works, by Claudius Crozet, Engineer of the Blue ridge railroad, of the one part, and George A. Farrow & David Hansbrough, of the other part:

Witness, that the said Geo. A Farrow & David Hansbrough agree to furnish from forty to fifty able bodied negro men to be employed at work on the Blue ridge railroad and Tunnel, chiefly under the management of Kelly and Largney, the contractors for the main Tunnel, who are to examine and receive or refuse such negroes, according to their judgement of the fitness of each to perform the work he is intended for.

And for the Services of said negroes, the Board of Public works agree to pay monthly at the rate of One dollar and twelve and a half cents ^($1.12 1/2) per day, each negro shall have been at work during the month, according to the payroll to be exhibited at the end of every month to the Engineer.

And it is, moreover, agreed between the parties that, for the purpose of overlooking and attending to said negroes, on either side of the mountain, the said Farrow and Hansbrough shall select a furnish two white men, whose duty it shall be, under the direction of the agents of the railroad, to superintend the conduct and work of said negroes and attend to their wants, keeping carefully the regular check roll of their days' work. The said Superintendents shall receive for their services each at the rate of thirty-five ($35) per month.

If, in addition to the above, blacksmiths are hired from the aforesaid Farrow and Hansbrough, their hire shall be One dollar and forty cents, for each, per day of work.

Moreover, it is understood that in case any of said negroes should be injured by any accident resulting immediately from his employment on the work, the Board of Public works agree to pay the danger done to said negro or negroes, by valuation of umpires chosen for the purpose by the parties; each party to this contract choosing one.

and it is farther distinctly agreed and understood that said negroes shall not be employed in loading or blasting on said work.

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Finally, it is agreed that the said negroes shall be hired to the Board of Public works during the whole of the year Eighteen hundred and fifty-four: and, for the faithful performance of this part of the present contract, the said Geo. A. Farrow and David Hansbrough agree to enter into bond, with satisfactory security, in the sum of three thousand dollars, payable to the Board of Public works.

It is also understood that such parts of the general specification for the Blue ridge railroad, ^as are applicable to and not conflicting with, the present contract are to be considered as making part of the same.

In witness whereof, Claudius Crozet, Engineer of the Blue ridge railroad has hereunto set his hand & seal; and the said Geo. A. Farrow & David Hansbrough have hereunto set their hands and seals, the day & year first herein written

C. Crozet L.S.

George A. Farrow L.S.

David Hansbrough L.S.

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  • Date: December 23, 1853