Receipt for Purchase of a Slave

This receipt and letter describes the terms of sale for a slave in 1858.

Rec. at Shomgalo Feb. 20, 1858 of A. J. McConico Thirteen hundred dollars in full payment for a certain negro boy named Blackston aged about twenty seven and I warrant the title to said Boy [?] with the exception of his being sound that I do not warrant

G. G. Gorwin

Col. A J. McConico
Dear Sir

I am perfectly willing to give you until the 15th of Feb. You seem to think hard that I am asking you to mutch [sic] + c.. I would not this day on my Honor take $2000.00 for him if I thought he would stay at home he is worth more to me than any 2 hands I own I am not selling him because I wish to part with him I know he is a great Rascal but for all that he can do any kind of work that I want done on the plantation and I have to hire it done and it costs me a great [[deal?]]. Make the payment as soon as possible but I will wait your time if you do not find it convent. [sic] sooner; Times are not as they use to was.

Yours Truly

G. G. Gorwin

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  • Source: Letter and Receipt for Purchase of a Slave
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  • Citation: Newberry Library, Chicago, IL, Illinois Central Railroad Collection, Newberry Library, IC 3.6, Box 251, Folder 3501
  • Date: February 20, 1858