Letter from John Wood Jr. to Colonel Claudius Crozet, April 20, 1854

When two slaves were killed on the Blue Ridge Tunnel project, the slaveholders retained legal counsel to negotiate a settlement with the Board of Public Works.

Dear Sir

At the suggestions of my friends Mr B Garland, & Woods, the owners of two negro men, recently killed on the state work, under your charge, (and said negroes hired I believe through the agency of Mr Sclater, by you, for the Board of Public Works) I address you for the purpose of ascertaining whether any difficultys will be interposed to [pressen] the Board of P Works making compensation to the Gentlemen above named for their loss of these servants — I shall forbear at this time, making any statement of the grounds on which they deem themselves entitled to claim indemnity, as I have great confidence that the justice & equity of their claim is so apparent, that a gentleman of your liberal views will concede it at once on the ground of fairness, to say nothing of the policy of settling such claims with out litigation.

May I ask the favor of an answer at your Earliest convenience

With sentiments of much
Your [bld—Srvt]
John Wood Jr

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from John Wood Jr. to Colonel Claudius Crozet, April 20, 1854
  • Author: John Wood Jr.
  • Extent: 1 page
  • Citation: Archives, The Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA, Virginia Board of Public Works, Entry 125 "Blue Ridge Railroad", Box RG 57, Box 216, Folder 3
  • Date: April 20, 1854