The plight of the tardy traveller is part and parcel of the narrative of travel.

"But some of our best friends are missing our choicest spirits. Where is N.? Where is R.? Left behind—too late for the train. Bah! what a flattening sensation it produces to see the cars moving off just as we arrive, red and panting, at the depot! How is one overwhelmed with self-abasement too deep for anger, the jest of grinning porters and vulgar idlers; and, worse than all, to hear the mocking yell of the fiendish locomotive in the rapidly lengthening distance! But no regrets; our friends have sped a message that has put the speed of the locomotive to scorn in its turn. They will join us to-night. All's well!"
Part of the article "Artists' Excursion Over The Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road."

About this Document

  • Source: Harper's New Monthly Magazine
  • Publisher: Harper and Brothers, Publishers
  • Date: 1859