Letter from Jennie Reed to Samuel B. Reed, October 3, 1863

In this letter from October 3, 1863, Jennie Reed writes to her husband, Samuel Reed, expressing hope that he succeeds in his latest attempt to secure employment closer to home. She also relays information concerning some acquaintances of theirs who have been wounded in the war, noting that Erastus H. Reed, Samuel Reed's enlisted brother, is still alive and well.

Dear Samuel.

Your kind note came to hand after many days of watching the post office. You surely have more to do than is right else you need not be deprived of your food and rest so often. However if only that letter to Chicago meets with success how happy we shall be to have Papa nearer home. There is an other [sic] excursion up to Chicago that cousin & I always talk of going but may not go to [Jence]. The great festival is to come off in Chicago for two weeks after the 27th and then half fare tickets will last a week. I think Mrs. Iselt will come up then. And perhaps Mrs. Boyle since she is to visit her sister this fall. You will be at home by that time again. Charley's family with aunt & cousin returned upon Tuesday. They had a very pleasant visit at Uncle [Thiar's] and Uncle Willard's & Aunt Mary had gone into Iowa to visit their daughter who was very ill. Aunt McRue added to their visit greatly of curse [sic] . She does not promise a visit this fall. Alma is to be married in the spring to a fine man. They are all in fine spirits. [?] is can't contain himself. I wonder, if our daughters live to grow up, if we should have similar feelings & views in the prospect of such an event. I can't believe it now. Can't you? Paper is scarce. And since you did not bring me any the last time you came, I must condense my thoughts to go upon what I have at hand. The death of Col. Barttels is still feared. It is quite certain that he was wounded [stice] and then the hospital and himself was captured by the enemy. His fate we cannot learn so far. We have [sad fear] many others Capt. Ellwoods is so far well. Erastus is not in the ranks and is well. A man who is here, a wounded & returned soldier saw him only the other day. Also Johnny [L.] both well. [?]

About this Document

  • Source: Letter from Jennie Reed to Samuel B. Reed
  • Extent: 2 pages
  • Citation: Yale University Library, Manuscripts and Archives, Samuel Reed Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 30
  • Date: October 3, 1863