St. Louis, MO Speech, 1896-07-16

Speech by William Jennings Bryan.

Speech by William Jennings Bryan
Thursday, July 16, 1896 at 8:45am
Depot, St. Louis, MO

Source: CONTINUED OVATION, William J. Bryan Greeted With Enthusiasm All Along the Route, Omaha World-Herald (Morning Edition), Friday, July 17, 1896

"I am looking for that which is dearer to me than all elseómy wife and children. I would be glad to make a speech, but, like all other people, we must eat. Having but a few minutes in which to satisfy our hunger, I hope you will kindly excuse me if I do not make a speech at this time. I am flattered by this demonstration, and I feel sure that if you keep up this enthusiasm until November, there will be no doubt of my election."

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  • Source: Omaha World-Herald (Morning Edition)
  • Published: Omaha, NE
  • Citation: 4
  • Date: July 16, 1896