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May 01, 1864
reglinents of your command mounted and equipped and posted on railroad from Murfreesborough to Stevenson with picket at Capertons Ferry
evacuated in the greatest emergency . Impress upou all your railroad guards to hold their positions and defend the bridges
am doing all I can to help him . The railroad is overtaxed , but McCallum is with us and
than I was twenty years ago . But to the railroad I shall put Captain Brown , whom 1 have
, and preparations to advance , ill eluding repair of railroad from Cleve land to iRed Clay . McNairs brigade
his inquiry , that it is intended to repair the railroad from Corinth to Tuscumnbia . DOUGLAS WEST , Major
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May 04, 1864
, or provide food in some way independeiit of the railroad . W . T . SHERMAN , Major General
immediate and rapid work by the repairing corps of the railroad company , to which end lie directs that you
18646 p . in . MajorGeneral SHERMAN I fear the railroad superintendent has failed mue entirely . I find them
in my immediate front , aid proper pickets . The railroad is destroyed for a mile and a half above
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May 05, 1864
of the country , and it is demonstrated that the railroad cannot supply the army and the people too .
on foot , as they used to do before a railroad was built . Tell them they have no time
MajorGeneral SHERMAN , Chattanooga We have at last got the railroad trajit within two miles of this place , and
the enemys flank if in motion , or against the railroad at . some point between Tilton and Resaca .
make a bold attack on the enemys flank or his railroad at any point between Tilton and Resaca . I
, should his policy be to fall back along his railroad , you will hit him in flank . Do
, the greater necessity for your rapid movement on the railroad , it ouce broken to an extent that would
bridge , as well as the pass through which the railroad runs . ThclOsCl is a sketch . 1 .
is a sketch . 1 . Designates pass by the railroad . 2 . The bridge of poles . 3
to be sent on from the ter minus of the railroad as they arrive . 1o not wait to assemble
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May 06, 1864
necessary . It will take several days to repair the railroad here , but I can get along until it
command , down the road , which leads near the railroad , with instructions to scont on all the roads
this 1OiIit to lrotect the workmen engaged in rebuilding the railroad , and to cover the movement of supplies to
, except guerrillas are trouble some on the line of railroad . No news from the front . Telegraph me
on the main road to Catoosa Springs , leaving the railroad near General Coxs present headquarters , passimig by Thatchers
another will move down the road which leads near the railroad , scouting on all crossroads between those on which
to protect the workmen en gaged in r building the railroad , and to cover the movement of supplies to
, with Armstrong and Ross , are held on the railroad below for forage . If a movement is to
left flank and at the same time obtain supplies by railroad . If the situation makes that the proper disposition
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May 07, 1864
presume iii position by this time . Have had the railroad exautined between here and Ringgold the track is all
Gap , and next day should strike or threaten the railroad . TomorrowT I want to oc cupy all of
it and march by onr left npon Rome or the railroad in our rear . Under this state of affairs
the road from Rome to northern terminus of the Selma railroad to Rome , and report here promptly the rogress
The brigades ordered to move from the eiid of the railroad as they arrive , without waiting for field transportatioii
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May 08, 1864
day recon noitering the mountain range through whose gap the railroad and com mon road passes . By tonight McPherson
and shelled a wagon train from position on right of railroad . Have not heard result of Gearys reconnaissance yet
half a mile from Buzzard Roost Gap , near the railroad . I belong to the Thirtysixth Alabama infantry ,
half north of Dalton , lying between the East Tennessee railroad and the mountain . Cleburnes division , abont 6
, is on llindmans right , between him and the railroad . The posi tion of the three latter divisions
from this point , on the southeast side of the railroad toward Dalton , and Ierhaps a light battery in
. Send out small parties to the south of the railroad to thoroughly scout the country . Hold your force
, if you learn that he is advancing on the railroad , fight him if he has a million .
occupying respectively the monutain to the leftan right of the railroad , report the enemy moving toward our leftwith their
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May 09, 1864
busy while McPhersons could march to Resaca to destroy the railroad behind him . I heard from McPherson up to
he was within one mile and a half of the railroad . After breaking the road good his orders are
two miles of Resaca , and will there break the railroad and leave Johnston out of rations . Tomorrow will
the lower dam . They are made by filling the railroad culverts with stones , logs , earth , c
has Iassed through the gap his advance is near the railroad . My cavalry should , I think , pass
advanoc had reached a point about one mile from the railroad . Considerable firing of infantry and artillery had been
and Dalton road onto the ridge this side of the railroad . One of his brigades pretty badly handled .
column came up the roal to the east of the railroad , drove AcCook across the hills , and was
Station to Dalton , on the east side of the railroad . The general desires you to feel the enemy
Sta tion to Dalton , on this side of the railroad , sonic time today . Very respectfully , your
not exposing them at all in Chickamanga Valley . The railroad is now done to this depot . We will
and the dense foliage . I propose to cut the railroad , if possible , and then fall back and
find out shortly . If I succeed in breaking the railroad I in tend to withdraw my command back and
infantry , LieutenantColonel Phillips regiment , succeeded in reaching the railroad near Tilton Station , but was forced to leave
and finding that I could not succeed in cutting the railroad before dark , or getting to it , I
a division of good cavalry I could have broken the railroad at some point . Ii shall be compelled to
is very anxious to make the attempt to cut the railroad . General Garrard is in La Fayette tonight says
miles of Richmond . He occupies Petersburg , severing all railroad communication south of Richmond . JNO . E .
move with your command to Madison Station , on the railroad between this place and Decatur . On your arrival
at Demopolis ever since General Shei man5 raid . The railroad , it is said , is running to Okolona
The cars are now returning to Corinth will order the railroad repaired to Cherokee , and if possible to Tuscumbia
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May 10, 1864
to us . Buzzard Roost Gap , through which the railroad passes , is naturally and artificially too strong to
whip Joe Johnston Second . To cut loose from the railroad altogether and move the whole army on the same
point at all costs . The chief engineer of the railroad will be ordered to keep a locomotive and con
General Sherman is desirous of knowing whether the line of railroad is in repair from lied Clay to Dalton .
of yonr command into the valley and ridge along the railroad , in order to protect yonr left . Leave
base , and also occupy the ridge west of the railroad . Colonel iDorr reports strong indications of the hill
rear . My men occupy the ridge west of the railroad , way to the point , and will soon
the point , and will soon be over to the railroad . I am past the left of the infantry
move to this place . McPherson did not break the railroad although lie reached Itesaca , which lie found fortified
expose you to attack from this direction . Protect the railroad bridge if possible at the same time do not
of danger take up your pontoon 1ridge . Defend the railroad bridge as long as possible , and if com
. I regret beyond measure you did not break the railroad , however little , and close to Resaca ,
He had better march , as you said that a railroad in the end saves but little time in mnoving
you may order Kilpatrick to make a strike at the railroad . If Johnston passes down cant you hit him
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May 11, 1864
Place one of your brigades on the left of the railroad and the other on the rmght , moving theni
replace them this that the enemy may not use the railroad to facilitate his movement in pursuit . A few
anything that conies , and threaten the safety of the railroad all the time . But to tell the truth
every precaution with force at your disposal to prevent the railroad from being destroyed . WM . D . WHIPPLE
Florence , or may have moved for some point on railroad . Colonel Rowett , who was at Flor ence
the purpose on the part of Grant to cover the railroad and use it for supplies . They left 7
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May 12, 1864
reliable that the force is large enough P1 Ut the railroad , unless we take the offensive at once .
the house just vacated by General Sherman , near the railroad tunnel . Very respectfully , . . hOWARD ,
of Alabama . Look out also for Decatur and our railroad communication . JAS . B . McPHERSON , Major
side of the Tennessee River for the destruction of the railroad . Although the blockhouses may bravely hold , yet
them to abandon for the present de signs upon the railroad . Tomorrow I shall send a cavalry force to
a part of his force from his left to the railroad and break it , and then fall back to
, choosing strong positions to cover the movement on the railroad . III . MajorGeneral Schofield will follow General Thomas
arrival here , I have examined the route along the railroad to Davis house , and ascertained that the march
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May 13, 1864
. want the pontoons up , and to secure the railroad on Hookers right Palmer should join on to Hooker
is covering the left and MeCook the right . The railroad is entirely uninjured up to this point . I
skirmishing is now progressing . I will fight for the railroad this afternoon . Tell Stoneinan and Mc Cook now
your left . My front is perpendicular to the projected railroad toward Resaca . McCooks cav alry is at the
are concentrating north of the Tennessee River for attack on railroad , and does not approve of detaining Colonel Long
force could not take them without artillery , but the railroad between them cannot be pre served without a sufficient
from Var nells Station along the ridge west of the railroad , held their position until 2 . 3 p
evacuated , I started the force with me along the railroad toward Dalton the force at Tunnel Hill Gap via
left and press , the latter attempting to reach the railroad iii a oTand right wheel on you , the
Hardees right , covering the Resaca dirt road . and railroad about three miles from Resacn . lIe wishes you
lleaiqnarters will be on the Resaca road near where the railroad inns parallel with it , about me mile from
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May 14, 1864
destroyed Lees depot at Beaver Dam and broken the Gordonsville railroad . Your dispatches are promptly forwarded to General Grant
, above Rome , if possible , and break the railroad north of Kingston . W . T . SHERMAN
flank of your line to be pushed across to the railroad . If the enemy hold all the line of
on to the Coosawattee River and endeavor to strike the railroad south of Reaaca I hope this will meet with
strong position and send a fQyce sufficient to break the railroad below jiesaca you will please the general very much
to Thomas , who will continue to follow substantially the railroad to Kingston . A division of cay airy ,
up to this time . They all pass behind the railroad track . G . M . DOIGE , Brigadier
you can possibly cross Oostenaula make a strike for the railroad any where north of Kingston . Io this in
not l5i tively demonstrated yet . The breaking of the railroad north of Kings ton is desirable on any hypothesis
. MajorGeneral Schofield is charged with gnaiding Knoxville and the railroad from Tyners to Knoxville , and from Cleveland to
that line . II . MajorGeneral Thomas will gnard the railroad from Chattanooga to Dalton , and forward as the
of pickets on that side of the river from the railroad bridge downward . Respectfully , DOUGlAS WEST , Acting
. Move by the road to the right of the railroad your right if possible . One of your brigades
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May 15, 1864
the eastern wagon road from Tilton to Resaca and the railroad which touches the Connesauga near the same point .
be on two lines , one along the hne of railroad , the other along the Dalton and Resaca highway
enemy is in Arcs to my left , between the railroad and the Dalton and Resaca road . My headquarters
each . The divisiomi has been emnployed in latrohhimmg the railroad between Resaca and Calhoun , and arrived here about
yourself of the Thance I gave you to cut the railroad . At the time you reached the bridge ,
a place to strike , and from Kingston to the railroad bridge across Etowah Hightower . I will send a
on Resaca and Rome road . rfhoinas will pursue the railroad , and Schofield on his left , over on
. I can keep a closer lookout on Calhoun and railroad . I did not attack the force in my
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May 16, 1864
. We saved time comnnion road bridge , but the railroad bridge is burned . rphC
bridge , but the railroad bridge is burned . rphC
Use all lossible vigor to pass the river at the railroad bridge and Newtown . Direct your march on the
addition to your present duties , that of guarding the railroad from Nashville to Decatur , and from that point
pontooi , and one made on the wreck of the railroad bridge , yet the passage has been slower than
and are retreating through Calhoun . They have burned the railroad bridge at Resaca . I am now pushiug forward
Thomas command is moving substantially down the line of the railroad . There may be some delay in getting across
point as rapidly as possible , making use of the railroad as may be necessary . Your trains and artillery
enemy evacuated this place last night , partly burning the railroad bridge over the river . We expect to rebuild
expect to rebuild the bridge in four days . The railroad trains have , since we left Chattanooga , kept
enemy will not attack here , but go along the railroad . They must be whipped near Elk River .
third illinois Infantry , now doing guard duty ou the railroad bridges letweeu this llace and Decatur , you will
with his command to guard and take charge of the railroad from Decatur to Indian Creek , estab lishing regimental
MajorGeneral Thomas will pursue substantially by the line of the railroad to Kingston and Etowah bridge , keeping his forces
in that neighborhood . IV . The repairs of the railroad and telegraph lines must be pushed forward with all
the WOnnlel at Huntsville , and other points on the railroad , that are daily Coming down on the trains
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May 17, 1864
Etowali . It will take five lays to repair the railroad bridge here . We are abnndantly supplied , and
infantry , but send MeCooks cavalry to Cassyille and the railroad , giving him always your head of infantry as
3 strong , to strike , if consistent , the railroad between Kingston and Allatoona if not there , between
of Garrard and Murray to make a dash at the railroad between Rome and Kingston if not already done tonight
MajorGeneral Sherfuan directs that you make a dash at the railroad tonight between Rome and Kingston , and break up
him from removing his material of war or using the railroad to concentrate his troops . Very respectfully , your
, moved on Madison Station , destroyed all but the railroad , took Colonel Gorgas prisoner and 5 men ,
prisoners , who stated that Johnson crossed to strike the railroad , but hearing of my approach with infantry abandoned
The brigade will probably be near Adairsville , on the railroad from Kingston to Dalton . S . C .
of whom are now suffering for bread , that the railroad and the breadstuffs and provisions in the valley should
and 7 muskets wholly insufficient for the defense of the railroad and forage below here . Gem eral Gholson has
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May 18, 1864
in Dal ton , and follow the enemy down the railroad toward IResaca . I have 1 irectetl Geiwral Palmer
and then take an easterly course until he strikes the railroad , covering his left flank anti front with a
of skirmishers . Should the enemy be driven down the railroad Generals Palmer and Schofield will be directly in his
take up a strong position on the hills bordering the railroad southeast of Lays Ferry , Johnston will be compelled
. Our cavalry has not yet succeeded in breaking the railroad to his rear . I now have four heads
McPherson on the right also skirmished all day . Five railroad trains left here last night , the last about
general commanding directs that you extenl your pickets to the railroad , and connect with General Woods line . Very
help General Stoneinan , who should now be on the railroad somewhere between Cassyille and Cartersyille . I will be
tives and cars are west of the break in the railroad . Let General Gar rard send a detachment of
if not already abandoned , as also Cassville and its railroad station . General Stoiieman should today have struck the
station . General Stoiieman should today have struck the same railroad micar Cartersville , iu which case we cannot fail
the garrison with you and join us where the Atlanta railroad crosses the Etowah River . Do not come here
advancing on the raihoad and on a road between the railroad and the Hardin and Calhoun road . The enemy
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May 19, 1864
our stores and get ready for tIme Cliattahoochee . The railroad passes through a range of hills at Allatoona .,
Twentieth Army Corps GENERAL Push your column down npou the railroad , between Kingston and Cassyille . The relels are
of Col onel Prices , moving straight soutliemly for the railroad . His other brigade is conming ul . He
your whole command if necessary , to feel for the railroad east of Kingston , and when it is reached
push on to the left of Kingston , feeling the railroad . I am , colonel , very respectfully ,
miles of General Butterfield , and three miles from the railroad three northeasif from Kingston . A negro coming from
position and draw in Woods brigade , pushing for the railroad , until I could get Wards up . They
when it was within about half a mile of the railroad in consequence of a large force , larger than
take further steps in regard to pushing through to the railroad . Very respectfully , your obedient servant , DANL
Creek . Garrard will move east , south of the railroad , amni will come up on your right .
corn and tobacco , also a rollingmill . All the railroad rollingstock had been taken away . rplle party on
belonging to the Army of the Tennessee guarding line of railroad , via Stevenson and Decatur , to Columbia .
of troops of he Army of the Tennessee guarding the railroad and stationed near the line of
Tennessee guarding the railroad and stationed near the line of
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May 20, 1864
make for Sandtown amid Camnpbellton , but feign at the railroad crossing . General Davis division occupies Rome , and
Broomtown Valley , he would suggest putting it on the railroad from Dalton to iResaca . General Stoneman reports the
. Let Davis re main there till we get the railroad in operation , anl an inspector might go down
of his Threes . Had 1 , men reached the railroad any time after 1 a . in . of
the 2th , you niove so as to strike the railroad east of Cassville , and then turn east and
sharpshooters on the opposite bank . The rebels bred the railroad bridge about noon it is entirely destroyed . They
please direct the barricades to be re moved from the railroad track , so that the cars can run to
even yourself , has been more anxious to strike the railroad than I have . We havent seen our pack
was seen , and the citizens thought it either the railroad iridge or the ironworks . There are two good
then make provisions to subsist his command independent of the railroad for twenty days . IV The whole army must
commands supplied for twenty days , indepem 1lent of any railroad communication . The rations for troops to 1e one
yourself in position so as to cover and protect the railroad and other bridges from the enemy threatening them from
or two miles and a half below the pontoon and railroad bridges . You will ascertain about that and cross
vicinity of Aberdeen , where you will not tax the railroad so much for corn , and where that force
The command will move on the road west of the railroad , and which crosses the
road west of the railroad , and which crosses the
position nntil laylight , find will then retire on the railroad . By Command of LieutenantGeneral Hardee 1 . II
until daylight , anI will then be retired on the railroad to Cartersville . Good officers will be left to
one . General Polk will move at once to the railroad , where a guide will be to comidtict him
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May 21, 1864
my army about Marietta , when 1 will cause the railroad to be repaired up to that point . I
south side of the river . Twelve miles of the railroad to this place runs immediately along the riverbank and
he should be thrown on the Selma and Blue Mountain railroad to protect Talladega anti Selma . Please answer .
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May 22, 1864
or General Thomas , and be ready to follow when railroad or other route is secured . It is a
enemy maintains a picket and line of skirmishers near the railroad bridge which was burned , the level open country
cross 1ettits Creek at or a short distance below the railroad lridge , and pursue roads leaiillg in a southwesterly
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May 23, 1864
of Atlanta , and have added 1 miles to my railroad cominunication , every mile of which is liable to
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May 24, 1864
Km o ston and Cass Station , on line of railroad pitt t k d Colonel Pillups iegiment , Fourteenth
concealed in the creek , and committing depredations on the railroad , I concluded to break np their rendezvous and
a Mr . Taylor that he had fired into a railroad train at Scottsvihle . Captain Barber has the names
that General hood considers his right as resting on the railroad , amul ask him to inform General Hood of
Olmstead , will pioceed with tile greatest lossible expedition by railroad via Atlanta , Ga ., arid re port to
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May 27, 1864
put our concentiN ted army be tween him and the railroad , of which we want to make use .
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May 28, 1864
ant gradually working routlI1 by the left to approach the railroad anywhere in front of Aeworthi . Country very densely
as far up as iResaca on both sides of the railroad . I will forward all information of Pu portance
to holA the road which will take us to the railroad in frent of Allatoona . Therefore move to the
the day . The Federal army has been approaching the railroad by intrenchuients for the last three days at the
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May 29, 1864
the intention of working to my left , toward the railroad , east of Allatoona , I ordered General McPherson
gained , I will move to the left and resume railroad communications to the rear . I have no doubt
they may be brought forward to . Kings ton by railroad . Instruct the officer in charge of your train
of Alla toona , I wish him to order the railroad superintendent , who is already at iResaca , to
, who is already at iResaca , to repair the railroad up to Allatoona , including the Etowah or Ilightower
Please instinct the commanding officers of your forces on the railroad between Decatur Junction and Huntsville to hold their commands
raiding force is now moving to some point on this railroad . I have sent forward a to , s
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May 30, 1864
relieve your troops between Decatur Junction and Huntsville on the railroad . Please have your command at the different points
. Volunteers , is assigned to the charge of the railroad froni Nashville to Decatur , Huntsville , and Ste
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May 31, 1864
force your way into amid through the pass along the railroad till von secure some comumanding position then report back
to Huntsville last night , will move out on the railroad between here and Decatur Junction this afternoon and relieve
Iowa Veteran Volunteer Infantry , now guarding the line of railroad between this place and Decatur Junction , to move
to the different detach ment commanders along said line of railroad , they will embark their commands on the train
affair was over enemy repulsed , and our left reached railroad near Marietta . Orders have been sent to quartermasters
commandant of the post . Transportation will be furnished by railroad for 142 men and 1O4Qt pounds of baggage .
for the brigade for each night will be forwarded by railroad to the points above indicated . III . Colonel
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June 01, 1864
c11opi1Ig wood to sulplY the U . S . military railroad , and have the same corded suffi ciently near
Etowah at the Free Bridge , but comc via the railroad bridge , provided you have a bridge of boats
Allatoona . Colonel Wright should be at work on that railroad bridge . This rain will also delay Blair ,
certain we should move our entire army over to the railroad about Acworth and Andersonville at once , for Joe
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June 02, 1864
wa considered a formidable one . I have ordered the railroad to be relairel , and will gradually move across
and will gradually move across by the left of the railroad . The country is most difficult , being of
is no enemy here . Time wagon bridge amid the railroad bridge at this point are both burnt there is
halt a mile below , so citizens report . The railroad track is not destroyed as flu as I have
you are at Allatoona , amid that I want the railroad finished up to that point at once . Geimeral
and commissary express to Kingston to try to get a railroad traiii up to Etowah bridge as soon as possible
as possible , and also to inform the superintendent of railroad construction that he could go to work at the
pleased , and the same with the telegraph . The railroad is undistnrbed up as far as Acworth , except
Church with the purpose of pushing our way toward the railroad at some point in front of Acworth . If
has been relieved from guard duty along the line of railroad to this place , excepting that portion of Tenth
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June 03, 1864
to Big Shanty , which 1 believe is on the railroad a few miles north of Marietta . In compliance
the enemys lines run from Big Shanty , on the railroad , six miles below Acworth , to Allatoona Church
will still work by the left and get to the railroad without weakeniiig my Uric too much . All I
Allatoona , and shall aini to work across to the railroad as far east and south as I can without
teamns at once , to Etowah bridge also that the railroad be coumpleted up to this point at once ,
advise Colommel Wright , or the smiperimitendent of the military railroad , and tIme superintendemit of the U . S
military telegraph , and the officer iii charge of the railroad transportation of the wishes of General Shermnan , and
and horses are entirely without anything to eat . The railroad and tele graph wire are both comuplete as far
both comuplete as far as Acworth , except the Etowah railroad bridge , and the country in our rear is
directs that every effort shall be made to complete the railroad up to this point at the very earliest possible
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June 04, 1864
around , covering all roads from the south to the railroad about Acworth . My cavalry has bceu at Acworth
all the Allatoona lass , and J have ordered the railroad to be finished across the Etowah up to Allatoona
Blair I will swin east by north over to the railroad , leaving Johnston to my right . He is
, and 3 rebel wagons . No disturbance along the railroad . The part of Wheelers force that started up
. I repeated yesterday your instructions in regard to the railroad alll telegraph . I thhk you could send a
to move across Allatoona Creek to a point of the railroad in front of Acworth , say Big Shanty .
will be the point of supply as soon as the railroad bridge can be completed , and , in the
there , to be laid down until the pier and railroad can be rebuilt . By order of Maj .
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June 05, 1864
. I pro pose then to complete our line of railroad , replenish , and prepare to follow the enemy
dispatch is the bridge at the Etowah , where the railroad crosses , and I wish you to get your
until all of the wonuded can be transported to the railroad . It is supposed that it will take about
, or in that direc tion , to cover the railroad . This is what I gather front his description
your front makes it more imperative to get to our railroad as much in front of Acworth as possible .
headquarters tonight ten miles from here . Mc Pherson reached railroad at Acworth , and Thomas is four miles west
of Marietta . The officer in charge of repairs of railroad say will take ten days from today to rebuild
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June 06, 1864
Teun . We have turned Allatoona Pass and reached the railroad at this point seven miles east of Allatoona Pass
. Proceed with your division to Kingston . Have the railroad patrolled to Resaca . Guard the Etowah from Rome
and Allatoona . There is a pontoon bridge at the railroad crossing leave a regiment at that bridge and relieve
ordered Blair to come straight for Acworth , via Etowah railroad bridge , wThere I have ordered a pontoon bridge
, and the Etowah , anl have just reached the railroad , seven miles east of the famous Alla toona
good pontoon bridge is laid over Etowah River at the railroad crossing . The gen eral commanding believes the enemy
hereafter be kept as near Allatoona as possible umitil the railroad bridge is done , when Allatoona will be the
. MajorGeneral McPhersomn will cause one regiment to guard tile railroad lridoe miow under construction near Allatoona , and the
troops but the couimandiimg officers at Kingston , at the railroad bridge , and at Allatooni will arrest and put
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June 07, 1864
. My left General MePher son now lies on the railroad in front of Acworth , seven miles sontheast of
fords of the Etowak , between Kinostou and the Etowah railroad bridge , except lslanl Ford , to be obstructed
You will cause the riverbank between Kingston and the Etowah railroad bridge to be patrolled ly cavalry . Keel scouts
fight ing men one regimeut will be stationed at the railroad bridge with a section of artillery , the balance
are relieved by MajorGeneral Thomas troops send them forward by railroad to the Etowah River , in the vicinity of
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June 08, 1864
, to fortify and hold it . Colonel Wright , railroad superinteudent , reports he will have the Etowah bridge
to know if all supplies were shipped from Chattaimooga by railroad , if we did not have wagon trains going
particularly iii regard to strength and disposition of troops guarding railroad strength of army , if many troops were going
Particularly the number of troops at different points guarding the railroad wanted particularly the number at each OimIt lid not
these knobs was rough and hilly , east toward the railroad know nothing about . Do not know enough of
. On riding from Marietta to Atlanta west side of railroad did not notice anything until I arrived at Chattahoochee
both sides of the river and both sides of the railroad . West of
river and both sides of the railroad . West of
. On the range commencing half a mile northwest of railroad bridge riflepits were made on the approaches from the
you can see from the bridge . East of the railroad on north side of the river there appears to
appears to be nothing but riflepits . In additioh to railroad bridge there is one trestle bridge , built on
is one trestle bridge , built on abutments of old railroad bridge , 25 yards above
on abutments of old railroad bridge , 25 yards above
two or two miles and a half , near the railroad . All was mu same condition as I described
they have about five guns mounted on each side of railroad . In Atlanta I ascertained that pretty much all
that Gen eral Blair has arrived , and that the railroad bridge ovei the Etowah will be done by Saturday
we had begun our battles . They are on our railroad and cannot now be spared . I have no
Nashrille Different bands of enemy are endeavoring to strike the railroad be tween this and Nashville . Fired two of
COLONEL From representations of citizens residing along the line of railroad guarded by yonr command , and the approval of
will direct your officers on the line to assist the railroad in procuring the necessary wood for such use ,
the enemy extending to our right and massing on the railroad between Acworth and Big Shanty . We are mnovino
meet this , and our line , extended across the railroad , runs from Gilgal Church to north of the
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June 09, 1864
on the main road to Marietta , which crosses the railroad at Kenesaw Station and passes on to Marietta east
push a vigorous pursuit after the enemys cavalry on the railroad between Kingston ammd Itesaca and disperse or capture the
We are awkwardly situated encamped on the Etowali at the railroad crossing , with verbal instructions to strengthen the for
reported to relieve my command . One stationed on the railroad betweemi Decatur and Huntsville . and but one from
Acworth and Marietta roal , with a column following the railroad and his cavalry well to the left , after
on the niain road to Marietta , which crosses the railroad at Kenesaw Station and 555 on to Marietta east
a road which runs substantially along the line of the railroad to Marietta and thence to Big Shanty , where
are advancing in force in our front , along the railroad and the Big Shauty and the Marietta dirt road
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June 10, 1864
turn south and threaten , if not attack , the railroad between Mari etta and the Chattahoochee . We will
his district and be held respon sible that telegraph and railroad comniumneatiomi are kept up anI made secure to the
latter has been ordered to push a column don the railroad and at the same time endeavor to connect with
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June 11, 1864
of river , between here and Rome . Quiet along railroad . I have commenced patrolling
Rome . Quiet along railroad . I have commenced patrolling
, and one of his mounted brigades is near the railroad in our rear , having blown up a train
, with large works comnmnanhing all the roads and the railroad . Imnlression is lrevaient that Johnston will fight here
was on Kenesaw today . Etowah bride completed , ami railroad running to our skirmish line , which insures smlillies
dirt road to Marietta , and between it and the railroad , the left of the division following substantially the
his command , and follow substantially the line of the railroad , connecting with Logans right and feeling well toward
is instructed as he ad vances to feel for the railroad . Second . One battery , six pieces ,
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June 12, 1864
, was designed for troops operating at a distance from railroad , with the use of wagons or pack animaja
pack animaja only . When the army is on a railroad , or near it , the chief conimissary and
in crease the allowance dccording to the capacity of the railroad for supply . By order of lIa . j
Lee to senI his cavalry at once to break the railroad between Dalton and the Etowah . If you agree
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June 13, 1864
from information obtained , caine from some point On the railroad between Marietta and the Chattahoochee to meet our command
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June 14, 1864
, up the west bank of Gostenanla and strike the railroad between Kingston and Resaca . He will divide his
to extend about a mile and a half east of railroad , and turns to the left . He has
back to top
June 15, 1864
with hay , corn , or other produce . Our railroad must be exclusively used for the supplies of the
all right Your right wili keep the line of the railroad as you advance . Lu consequence of the defeat
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June 16, 1864
, Teiith Ohio Volunteer Cavalry , destroyed three bridges between railroad bridge and Canton , encountering and driving oil a
a small rebel party from Fields Bridge . Quiet along railroad . W . W . LOWE Colonel , Commanding
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June 17, 1864
land . McPherson still faces Ken esaw , covering our railroad . General Thomas ms on a curved line front
, viz Wheeler is making preparations for a raid on railroad between Dalton anl Cleveland . Has been reenforced by
through vicinity of Jasper . Wheelers scouts hired themselves to railroad division masters and obtained information as to strength of
our forces along road , c ., anl names of railroad agents . Rebel force consists of nine brigades ,
River at Barneys Bridge , and then make for the railroad . The inhabitants stated that General Garrards cay airy
oclock , by the left flank , moving across time railroad at the woodshed , where one of his staft
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June 18, 1864
, and they still think and act as though the railroad and all its facilities weretheirs . This slowness has
ordered at daylight there was nothing between us and the railroad back of Ma rietta . jordered Thomas to move
possible chance to push forward cii the line of the railroad and main Marietta road , break through the enemy
I do not wish to uncover Big Shanty amid our railroad . I have just meceived Howards report , by
earthworks along the base of Ken esaw south of the railroad , Dodge and Osterhaus are up close to the
Osterhaus are up close to the base north of the railroad but last night I followed Davis pickets , aml
follows a General Palmers 1St Davis division rests upon the railroad , about quarter of a mile in advance of
to secure position forward on the ridge over which the railroad and main Marietta road passes , and pursue always
two places , ami a rail taken up front the railroad track at a . point two miles and a
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June 19, 1864
start at once for Marietta , and leave orders for railroad and telegraph to be kept up . W .
stragglers . There must be a pres sure toward the railroad at all points . W . T . SHERMAN
back to top
June 20, 1864
advised , as he has orders to move toward the railroad bridge or Vinings Brid ge following the Sandtown road
great part of his cavalry back to our line ot railroad where they are doing mischief . Now if they
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June 21, 1864
has retired his flank to cover that town and his railroad . I am all ready to attack the moment
be ready to move by the right flank . The railroad bridge at Tilton will be done today . Yours
with Hookers , Thomas right , and then toward the railroad bridge or Sandtown , according to the appearances .
brigade to the Ii ont its left resting on the railroad at the rock cnt , near ttc mill nd
This will place thn o tl in lit of the railroad , and his line running nearly north and south
id oc th t Morgan is upon runs to the railroad at the rock cut Have him intrench in that
to hare one north of the Etowak to interfere with railroad communication . It seems to be the impression that
. The general is of course very anxious about our railroad communica tions they have been broken two or three
. Whether there is a large force hovering along the railroad in that vicinity or simply the regiment which was
half way between Falcon and Palmetto , on West Point railroad . That evening to Fairburn , eighteen miles from
Fairburn , eighteen miles from Atlanta , on West Point railroad . From there to Jonesborough , twenty miles south
three hours ami left Pw Marietta . crossing river at railroad bridge arrived at Marietta sanie evening . Staid there
at Colonel Hills headquarters , half a tulle up the railroad from Marietta . Colonel Hill asked inc in regard
arnmy do itot know why they arc not conveyed by railroad . rfrains arc run ning on the
conveyed by railroad . rfrains arc run ning on the
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June 22, 1864
we are only a mile amid a half from the railroad . General hooker says we are a little in
be necessary to be taken to insure the safety of railroad com munications to the front . I am ,
back to top
June 23, 1864
it mounted . The party I sent to cut the railroad failed . The Chattahoochee was so high it was
skirmished with the enemy , three miles south on the railroad . Two trains are stoppe1 here . There are
army sn cc my last . Tronbie a gain with railroad a ii I telegra pit tear Dalton . Bridge
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June 24, 1864
. I start a party again tonight to try their railroad . If they fail 1 will have to give
to use stringent measures to secnre the safrtv of the railroad . A detachment ot 175 cavalry from Colonel Lowes
be prepared tbr following it up toward Marietta and the railroad in ease of success . By order of Maj
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June 25, 1864
, I suppose , they got their force along the railroad above ABa toons Theseprisoners belong to a new organization
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June 26, 1864
To defeat his design it is necessary to break the railroad this sile of Dalton . We have not cav
very good news from General Jacksons letach nient operating against railroad . it is commanded by a maui of courage
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June 27, 1864
th posutiou Ot tIn i mx x utliont ibandoiiing niy railroad , and w e aro drcidx so f n
risk the move on Fulton , cutting loose from our railroad It would bring matters to a crisis , and
we must move with the whole army , leaving our railroad , on the chance of success . Go where
the Chattahoochee River three miles and a half below the railroad bridge that bridges and roads re all prepared for
bridge across the Chattahoochee River , five miles below the railroad lrilge . Most of the rebel cavalry is camped
complete , and until we can afford to risk the railroad more . I3nt let Cox fortify well , looking
valnalle than any he can gain by moving toward the railroad . J . M . SCHOFIELD , Major General
right flank , but sup pose we must cover our railroad a few days . W . T . SHERMAN
sending suspiciomis famn ilies away from the line of the railroad . Many others are going nouth voluntarily . As
crossed that river more than a days march below the railroad bridge . On May 24 we tound it intrenched
, at short notice leav big some force at the railroad bridge , and cross the river , moving up
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June 28, 1864
it is difficult to turn his position without abandoning our railroad . W . T . SHERMAN , Major General
ready to move for ten days , independent of the railroad W . T . SHERMAN , Major General ,
the Capertons Ferry road to make another attempt on the railroad from Trenton . It is important you should ascertain
citizens except Government emnployes found within tlmree miles of the railroad from Bridgeport to the Federal army in Georgia ,
protect them . III . When any train , either railroad or wagon , or any battery , herd of
raw levies or negroes . At the crossing of the railroad over Elk River , for instance , from Athens
. The bridge is dry pine . At Columbia the railroad bridge , with a full corps of builders ,
on with certai 7 for this purpose , for the railroad is too assailable for miles below and above Rear
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June 29, 1864
munch advantage . I will aim to get to the railroad below Marietta by a circuit or actually reach the
forms good defense for cavalry or infantry . From old railroad shops below Redoubt Jones , across the Nashville and
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June 30, 1864
the Kenesaw then we must strike sonic point on the railroad between Marietta and the bridge , but if he
a lOsitiOlL that gives us again the use of the railroad . W . T . SHERMAN , Major General
I3vrds . see the smoke from the cars along the railroad . lIe coilll also trace the enemys hue throughout
a view of making a dash on the trains and railroad between Big Shanty and Allatoona .. You must watch
of the whole sulject . Before cutting loose from the railroad I want to be assured that Mr . Taylor
to cross the Coosa at the Ten Islands or the railroad bridge , lest roying it after their passage ,
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July 01, 1864
within three miles of Chattahoochee and about five of the railroad . By this movement I think I can force
move his army down from Kenesaw , to defend his railroad crossing and the Chattahoochee , when I will ,
I will , by the left flank , reach the railroad below Marietta but I cut loose from the
the railroad below Marietta but I cut loose from the
move in such a way that my communication with the railroad may be broken for some days , and great
carrying out my aggressive policy for the protection of the railroad . The following just received from Colonel Anderson ,
MajorGeneral McPherson will threaten the Chattahoochee River and also the railroad , and General Thomas will press the enemy close
very earliest possible moment break his lines and reach the railroad below Marietta . All movements must be vigorous and
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July 02, 1864
. Will you be ready for him to uncover the railroad by daylight tomorrow W . T . SHERMAN ,
tonight . Are you ready for him to uncover the railroad l Telegraph me any news on your flmk ,
this sufficient , I can get everything away from the railroad some time tonight . Some of my sick must
today . I am not informed whether they can get railroad transportation tonight . J . M . SCHOFIELD ,
General SHERMAN Have you decided when you will uncover the railroad My trains are there tonight but it is uncertain
in the morning . He also saw campfires along the railroad below Marietta . Very few
saw campfires along the railroad below Marietta . Very few
your progress . If you need sup plies from the railroad they will have to be drawn today . Very
place , and threequarters of a mile of the first railroad bridge northerly , capturing about 5 stragglers from the
to the bridge to icmnain until further orders . The railroad is undisturbed . I have frequently before heard of
your post and see that they lo not destroy the railroad in your vicinity . If those guerrillas ever Thu
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July 03, 1864
its inhabitants , and more than a mile of the railroad iron is removed between the town and the foot
long column of wagons and artillery moving south along the railroad also a column of cavalry . He sees rebel
General Thomas is moving directly down the road hence to railroad ridge . Garrards cavalry is off to the left
Atlanta road , which is on the left of the railroad , and Palmuer intermediate , all Ilndimmg time enemy
as you can with safety , his advance toward the railroad in any direction , and sending me by courier
Steedmans order ban ishing citizens from the line of the railroad If so copies should be dis tributed along the
loss , except a few deserters . Two miles of railroad removed , and four of telegraph . My office
of telegraph . My office is three miles out on railroad . Shermans , Thomas , and McPhersons headquarters here
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July 04, 1864
he can and giving us and all points of the railroad timely notice . I wish you would so hold
is pushing forward his command in the direction of the railroad east of Kickajack Creek at IRuffs Mill . Blair
rapidly to me , aml to the points of the railroad threatened . In the mean tuac elort to me
back to top
July 05, 1864
of ttedepont on a ridge of hills beginning at the railroad bridge and extending down the river to the mouth
left is on the Chattahoochee , three miles above the railroad bridge at Paces Ferry . Stoneman has been most
him yet . I am now far ahead of my railroad and telegraph , and want them to catch up
in pnrsnit of the enemy , and moved down the railroad , BrigadierGeneral Woods division leading , followed by General
my head of column arrived at Vinings Station on the railroad , and at ii a . in . I
is on the left with his right resting on the railroad . General division is on the extreme left .
Station is live miles south of Marietta , on the railroad , and I think there is a plain road
. I understand he has two pontoon bridges at the railroad bridge . That bridge is still good , and
to think it yonr intention to cross sonth of the railroad , and it seems from the inclosed dispatches this
. Our left is now on the river above the railroad bridge . We find ilardees corps intrenched on this
effective cavalry round by the north , to strike our railroad , and must keep Garrard well on that flank
on the main road about three miles back from the railroad bridge . W . T . SHERMAN , Major
a big raid , 1 , strong , upon our railroad , passing by the left of the Federal army
cav alry are scouting above here , east of the railroad , three miles south of this place . I
fifty of Wheelers cavalry sconts left Cedartown destined to the railroad iiear Calhoun or Resaca expects to form a junction
fifty of Wheelers scouts left Cedartown , destined to the railroad near Cal houn or Resaca , expecting to form
the cavalry command of Colonel Lowe , then guarding the railroad und Etowah River , were relieved by my division
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July 06, 1864
of se curity . Johnston made two breaks in the railroad , one above Marietta and one near Vinings Station
march reach the Chattahoochee , at a point above the railroad bridge , where there is a ford . At
at the point where a branch goes to Yin on railroad . iiuwaru is at v1nIng Hm at McPhersons right
below Nickajack . The enemy holds this bank from the railroad bridge down to Nickajack , and seems to have
River , near hollands house , three miles from the railroad and six miles south east of this place .
this side Chattahoochee , now holding strong imitrenched position covering railroad amid road bridges . Our flanks rest on river
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July 07, 1864
that place and the Etowah , which lead toward the railroad , leaving MeCooks olivision to look after the part
18641 p . rn . MajorGeneral SHERMAN There is no railroad bridge at Ten Islands . There is one at
to cross the Coosa at the Ten Islands or the railroad bridge these points are well apart and you can
be sure to go to Opelika , and break up railroad between it and Montgomery . There is but a
that Captain Harvey with sixty men has gone up the railroad between Dalton and Cleveland , with intention of destroying
tween Dalton and Tilton , three miles east of the railroad . I sent Col onel Wever with 3 men
has been wonderfully supplied . Though repeatedly broken , our railroad and telegraph are in good order to the rear
divisions will cross at the second pontoon bridge below the railroad bridge . A corps inspector will show your inspector
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July 08, 1864
down rafts to break the pontoons . I think the railroad bridge was burned last night . Have you any
enfiladed . 1 have also discovered the location of the railroad bridge , and saw three trains of cars pass
both to right and left at the front , when railroad trains stop . In the large open field ,
feign down as far as Campbellton . I think the railroad bridge was burned last night . No other news
of this cavalry prevent the danger by breaking up the railroad between the enemy and Dalton th ing Sherman to
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July 09, 1864
forts . I will then en deavor to break the railroad south of Atlanta by an expedition from Decatur under
can be avoided . When it is evident they are railroad destroyers , he will approve the severest measures .
him most readily . We captured over 4 of the railroad destroyers yesterday think I will get some more today
for a brigatie to holtl it whilst he strikes the railroad . Of course we do not intend to attack
hold the river whilst you with yonr cavalry strike the railroad . I am satisfied that the crossing of Schofield
. Scouting parties of the enemy may dash upon the railroad from that direction at any time unless our scouting
be tween Tilton and Dalton for the protection of the railroad . JAMES B . STEEDMAN , iVijajor Geuteral .
this corps will move on the road sontliwest of the railroad , and will halt at the place indicated to
back to top
July 10, 1864
morning burned li is bridges across the Chattahoochee , the railroad bridge included . If General Grant has nothing particular
, July 1 , 1854 . MajorGeneral SHERMAN Rebels buruing railroad bridge and wagon bridges over Chattahoo . chee River
July 1 , 1854 . General THOMAS Signal officers report railroad and all other bridges burning . Of course if
SHERMAN The enemy has left my front and burned the railroad and wagon bridge over the river . I have
and I want you to make strong demonstrations at the railroad bridge , but keep in mind that you are
two regiments on the bank of the river at the railroad crossing . The enemy skirmished pretty sharply from the
enemy have left General Pahuers front , also burned the railroad ani wagon bridge over the Chattahoochee . The major
below , a tid General Thomas the same at the railroad bridge . When General Stonenman is back , I
possible , to get across the river and cut the railroad between Mont gomnery and Atlanta . To do this
1864 . General GARRARD , Jloswell Signal officer reports the railroad and wagon road bridges burning . If this be
on the 9th from Decatnr , Ala ., for the railroad between Montgomery and Opelika via Oxford . If iillow
Vinings Stations , ac cording to the facilities of the railroad . III . Commissaries and quartermasters must keep ten
intrenched . In consequence we crossed at and below the railroad , and are now about two miles from the
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July 11, 1864
across and burned all his bridges , viz , one railroad , one trestle , and three pontoons . We
I think the bridge across the Peach Tree near the railroad bridge is still standing . I watched it close
what is called the Atlanta and Marietta road . The railroad passes iiear it . General Stewarts headquarters are near
of Johnstons army , with the right resting on the railroad , about two miles beyond Peach Tree Creek ,
to intreuch a position with their right resting on the railroad and their left at Cedar Bluffs . He says
house three miles this side of Atlanta , ou the railroad . Atlanta papers of the 1th instant say that
headquarters were three miles this side of Atlanta on the railroad . Atlanta papers of the 1th instant say that
, cavalry from that de partment to break up the railroad between the enemy and Dalton sug gests the inquiry
15 ,, mostly veteran troops . Ninetydays men left on railroad . My force 7 , 5 cavalry , 1
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July 12, 1864
Camp , and the Chattahoochee in quick succession . My railroad and telegraph are now up and we are rapidly
a size which makes a good fodder , and the railroad has brought us grain to the ex tent of
, with orders to make a bold push for the railroad between Montgomery and West Point and break it good
Ros well and cross Thomas about three miles above the railroad bridge and move against Atlanta , my left well
placed iii the redoubts abandoned by the enemy near the railroad bridge over the Chattahoochee , for the purpose of
, and artillery firing by the enemy , principally near railroad , in effective . J . E . JOHNSTON
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July 13, 1864
, twentyfive miles lower dowim . iNewnan , on the railroad , is ten miles from here , and I
as it is light . I can hear of no railroad bridge in this vicinity . The people , negroes
works . They think most of infantry is west of railroad . They saw no works after leaving At lanta
this side of the river about nine miles above the railroad bridge . An official report has just reached General
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July 14, 1864
Brannan in position on the left of and near the railroad crossing of the river . The work for it
brigade rapidly via Law renceville dowa to Covington on the railroad , anl burn the bridge across Yellow River and
for until our infantry is out as far as the railroad he may encounter most of Wheelers cavalry , but
collected . No suspicious citizens should be allowed near the railroad or in the country . The safety of this
houses should . also be selected and prelared near the railroad lelot . A few hours work will coiivert any
or Sandtown , and break tfa Atlanta and West Point railroad and telegraplm . III . MajorGeneral Schofield , after
Buck Dead , MajorGeneral Schofield to a loint of the railroad four miles northeast of lecatur , and MajorGeneral McPherson
on this side , intrenched midway between Roswell and the railroad . A body of Federal cavalry crossed the river
report heavy masses of the enemys infantry lying between the railroad and the Johnsons Ferry road . They say there
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July 15, 1864
hunter cannot get to Gordonsville and Charlottesville to cut the railroad , he should make all the valley south of
, yesterday , he could make a demonstration on the railroad ten miles out . He captured a courier to
than solidshot . I was very anxious to strike the railroad from personal as well as other con siderations ,
from General Stonernan . He dil not break the lower railroad , bnt burned a bridge over the Chattahoochee near
back to top
July 16, 1864
accorliflg to Orders 35 , but dont strike for the railroad till further orders . General Corse is here .
announces that the enemy is extending intrenchments from river toward railroad to Augusta . I wish to hear from you
any cavalry sent from this army to operate on the railroad . The force in my front on the river
back to top
July 17, 1864
road , and General IMcPherson to the vicinity of the railroad east of Decatur , and his cavalry livision ,
his cavalry livision , under Garrard , will break the railroad . If we can break the
will break the railroad . If we can break the
across it , near Decatur , and break up the railroad eastward as far as cavalry can operate with prudence
, and Davis on a road between that and the railroad bridge . All the troops occupy the ridge overlooking
, posted in the redoubt to the left of the railroad , cleared out from its position on Peach Tree
your left front , and send his cavalry to the railroad . Thomas is sending a COV5 this way ,
Schofields position , and push 1irigaiierGeneral Garrards cavalry to the railroad , and h stroy some section of the road
Garrards cavalry , is charged with the destruction of the railroad between Decatur and Stone Mountain . As soon as
, in other words , the line swung across the railroad near Decatur . Gen eral Thomas will press close
Generals McPherson and Garrard will risk much and break the railroad during the 18th or 19th . W . T
, in his effort to make a break in the railroad . 2 . MajorGeneral Dodge will move his command
most practicable road or roads in his front to the railroad , and do what damage he can to it
, in his effort to 1nake a break on the railroad . II . BrigadierGeneral Woods division will have the
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July 18, 1864
I have anything that justifies it . I want that railroad as quick as possible and the weather seems to
to 2 p . in . He had reached the railroad at a point two miles from Stone Monntain and
to have crossed the river between Turners Ferry and the railroad bridge . How many more parties have crossed is
The cavalry nuder BriadierGeneral Garrard pushed on and struck the railroad , and five regiments were set to work to
, the brigade re Brownings just after turned from the railroad , the Fifteenth Corps marched to Hendersons Mill and
into camp . There is no telegraph line along the railroad . During our operations we saw no indications of
for the purpose of assisting BrigadierGeneral Garrard to break the railroad , if he should need assistance . When the
had just arrived , moving in the direction of the railroad , some four miles distant . After his column
commanding , I moved down within two miles of the railroad then , as directed , sent one brigade of
infantry , com manded by BrigadierGeneral Lightburn , to the railroad . He reports to me that he effectually destroyed
, destroying two culverts and some small portion of the railroad track . In the march to and from the
railroad track . In the march to and from the
move direct on Decatur and gain a footing on the railroad , holding it , and breaking the
on the railroad , holding it , and breaking the
wire . Ill . MajorGeneral McPherson will move along the railroad toward Decatur and break the telegraph wires and the
railroad toward Decatur and break the telegraph wires and the
every man of his command at work in lestroying the railroad by tearing up track , burning the ties and
oclock , mnove his comnmnand toward Decatur , striking the railroad at the nearest point on his route , tearing
Blair discover a road intermediate , lead ing to the railroad , his mnen will also be employed in tearing
move forward across the creek toward Iecatur , striking the railroad east of that place , and emnploying his troops
5 oclock , move eastward along the line of the railroad , in the vicinity of Stone Mountain , continuing
JOHN B . SALE The enemy cut the West Point railroad last night above Loachapoka , and are supposed to
right resting on the Chattahoochee in the vicinity of the railroad , his left at Buck Head our army about
back to top
July 19, 1864
across even the Middle Fork . McPherson has broken the railroad to Decatur and occupies Deca tur . Schofield is
have already advised you that Mc Pherson has taken the railroad between Decatur and Stone Mountain , and I expect
cavalry retreated east . Garrard has gone east to break railroad . I am near Ioctor Powells . Before 1
McPherson by the main road , following sub stantially the railroad . The confusion resulting from my inisunder standing your
. The bridge we saw across a creek above time railroad is still there , and therefore I lont think
objective point from the east , having broken up the railroad good . I will write to General Thomas by
advanced to Peach Tree Creek left swung round , destroying railroad from point near Stone Mountain to Decatur , where
right at point between 4tlanta and Decatur , on Augusta railroad . Johnston is relieved by Hood . Jeff .
roads direct from Decatur to Atlanta , following substantially the railroad . Each army commander will accept battle on anything
. B . SALE The enemy still hold West Point railroad . Forces are moving for ward to dislodge them
back to top
July 20, 1864
. Our line now extends from a point on the railroad two miles and a half east of Atlanta ,
is relieved and Hood commands that ltousseau is on the railroad at Opelika , and that most of the newspapers
the north side of the Chattahoo chee , at the railroad bridge , reports considerable force of the enemy in
back from Atlanta , and Mc Pherson is on the railroad , about two miles and a half out ,
is moving on the main road , parallel with the railroad . I will wait here at the headquarters of
, four umiles from Atlanta , on or near the railroad lie wears a broad brim hat , has a
Decatur . Take the road by Latinmars , touching the railroad at or beyond Lithonia , and thence substantially along
at or beyond Lithonia , and thence substantially along the railroad , destroying it effectually all the way , especially
our infantry , which is now being extended to the railroad . Very respectfully , A . P . MASON
in the trenches npon the right and left of the railroad , supporting the reserve artillery . There is nothing
, mostly infantry , are moving on the hue of railroad and driving the enemy . The road is badly
back to top
July 21, 1864
mouth of Peach Tree Creek so as to cross the railroad to the northwest of the town . I have
have sent General Garrards cavalry eastward to Covington to break railroad and destroy the bridges on Yellow River and the
not attempt to hold Atlanta and the fort at the railroad crossing of the Chattahoochee . There is a weak
there is a fortified line from the river along the railroad some distance , thence east along his front and
. These troops came from the enemys works over the railroad near the river . . 1 am , very
my force would have been too weak to tear up railroad . If no misfortune happens I will burn the
from south bank of Peach Tree Creek , and reached railroad . Skirmishing sharp and lively all day , but
tomorrow . Rousseau has been successful , and has struck railroad between Montgomery and Opelika severelyso say rebel papers .
to advance his right so as to extend across the railroad and main road from Marietta . By order of
back to top
July 22, 1864
and have sent word to Wright to hurry up his railroad and bridge . Very truly and respectfully , GEO
McPherson to set one corps Dodges at work destroying the railroad completely back to and beyond Decatur . I suppose
directs that you lay them at Howells Ferry near the railroad bridge . Yours , very respectfully , WM .
endeavoring to keep about three miles north of the Montgomery railroad . General Hooker will be on your left ,
They have a high bridge across the river above the railroad crossing . I have just sent my artillery to
creek one mile from church on the road leading to railroad bridge . I think I damaged them some this
think the latter , with artillery , marched from the railroad crossing in the direction of Atlanta . The prisoner
a fine bridge at the first white house above the railroad crossing , and about two miles froni the latter
back to top
July 23, 1864
, which occupied an abandoned line of rifletrenches near the railroad , east of the city , and forced it
Opelika , having destroyed that depot , 3 miles of railroad toward Montgomery , 3 miles toward Columbus , and
at yonr very front and break up and destroy the railroad absolutely back to and including Decatur . Until we
in the mean time let your wagons go to the railroad via Paces Ferry and load at Vinings Station or
extreme front of the line and destroy effectu ally the railroad to and including Decatur , the ties to be
as possible all details employed in the destruction of the railroad . Should General Dodge be attacked , General Woods
to increase the supply . The destruc tion of the railroad bridges beyond Greensborough is a serious evil . I
of present condition I suggest the immediate completion of the railroad from this point direct to Montgomery , via Union
back to top
July 24, 1864
strong in front , and we compass Atlanta from the railroad on the east to the
compass Atlanta from the railroad on the east to the
Tennessee on that flank was to reach and destroy the railroad from Atlanta toward Augusta . That is partially done
, and when you change you will draw from the railroad bridge , to which our cars now run ,
and to directly return , destroying the line of the railroad for the purpose of keeping the enelnys cavalry on
Secretary of War I respectfully urge the completion of the railroad from Columbus , Ga ., td Montgomery , Ala
back to top
July 25, 1864
a copy of General Garrards report of the breaking of railroad toward Augu sta . t Now I am grouping
move by a circuit , and by detachments reach the railroad so as to cut off the last link of
to have news for you , as movement to destroy railroad south of Atlanta starts at daylightvery strong . J
a circle to the left toward McDonongh , break the railroad , and strike the enemy in front or flank
Colonel Harrisons cavalry will move rapidly on Fayetteville and the railroad beyond , breaking it if possible , in advance
east and south so as to reach or threaten the railroad toward East Point . To this end Generals Stoneinan
circuit to the left , so as to reach the railroad below McDonongh . General Stoneman will command this cavalry
as the force with which to reach and break the railroad . In like manner General McCook will command the
own to reach the road and break it . The railroad when reached must be substan tially destroyed for a
27th instant , and aim to reach and break the railroad dur ing the day or night of the 28th
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July 26, 1864
Atlanta , having strongly in trenched our front from the railroad east of Atlanta to a hill on the south
allow us , at small cost , to occupy the railroad south of the town , that to the east
cavalry , under Stoneman , with orders to reach the railroad about Grif fin . I also have consented that
of July 26 , asking permission after breaking good the railroad below MeDonough to push on to Macon , release
whole country . Be careful to break telegraph wire and railroad when and where you go , especially the telegraph
new line of intrenchments , his right resting on the railroad . 2 . MajorGeneral Dodge , comumnanding Left Wing
the point where the new line of intrenchments crosses the railroad . General Dodge will move to the right of
to withdraw their pickets from the white house on the railroad as soon as the rear of the Second Jivision
Army Corps , in the new intrenchments north of the railroad , and will join his division as it passes
flank on the road running near his left to the railroad by these headquarters , where he will halt .
the rear of the Fifteenth Army Corps , striking the railroad at the same point as the Fourth Division ,
he will await further orders . Upon moving beyond the railroad the Third Division will take the advance . By
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July 27, 1864
shifted to the extreme right , reaching well toward the railroad , so that I think tomorrow nmnst deyclop sopimething
in force in front of my center , near the railroad . About 5 cavalry made their appear ance near
as much as is possible to afford protection to the railroad , the mounted force patrolling the
protection to the railroad , the mounted force patrolling the
has started in the direction of Covington on the Georgia railroad . Our cavalry in pur suit . J .
. Let your atten tion be directed to the Macon railroad in yonr movements . Very reectfully , F .
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July 28, 1864
Army of the Tennessee , to gain ground toward the railroad . The blow fell upon the Fifteenth Corps ,
. Our right is about a mile distant from the railroad , but the ground is very difficult . I
dispatch is received . I have a brigade on the railroad pressed close to the enemys works , which appear
day , and extended it about a mile beyond the railroad . The enemy has continually moved troops to his
the principal line of works the enemy occupy commanding the railroad , c . Please report progress , c .
. The enemy has a battery in position near the railroad , in plain view of our skirmishers . This
. As their troops passed our skirmish line near the railroad they were in full sight and were fired at
Three of our regiments advanced to the left of the railroad and one to the right . The enemys line
. The general ap proves your determination to guard the railroad . Take such steps as your best judgment prompts
night , and are now flanking around to strike the railroad this side of Atlanta . I have sent Colonel
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July 29, 1864
, produced by there being now lut one line of railroad . When he was in Atlanta he could get
, but move so as to occupy or threaten the railroad . General Schofield will do the same on the
today . General Morgan was ordered to move toward the railroad by Howards rights in compliance with your orders .
to draw the enemy out of Atlanta by threatening the railroad below . 1 send you a copy of Schofields
ard , and tomorrow will push forward close to the railroad . General Thomas thinks the enemy must be very
There is a large quantity of bridge timber on the railroad near the brick house shall I destroy it J
strike them in flank , and shall endeavor to protect railroad . He has two brigadesHarrisons and Rossand will probably
WHEELER A raid from the left has struck the Macon railroad below Jones borough about six miles . Troops have
1864 1 p . m . Colonel MOMICKEN Is the railroad intercepted Give the
m . Colonel MOMICKEN Is the railroad intercepted Give the
with Captain llazlehurst , who is somewhere below , gathering railroad iron . I send this letter by Captain Shoup
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July 30, 1864
for a section of artillery at the point on the railroad at which my left rests . The embrasures of
into Decatur this morning in formed the citizens that the railroad had been cut by our cavalry at a place
short distance in front of his old works on the railroad bridge , where I pressed him closely on the
of scouts and rebel prisoners that Stoneman had destroyed the railroad at Jonesborough , give rise to rumor of evacuation
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July 31, 1864
intrench it , his right would be much nearer the railroad . Generals Morgan anl Ward could have supported his
instead of exteiiding his , Howards , line toward the railroad , as I should have thought he would have
the officer saw large fires in the direction of the railroad . He was oidered to come back to Vinings
, whereas lie should have extended his line toward the railroad , throwing out as his intrenchments were completed .
I think Howards army will reach very nearly to the railroad when intrenched and thrown out as my troops are
support of the right flank as it progresses toward the railroad . The reconnaissauce you ordered was made today by
with your regiment across the Chattahoochee at or near the railroad bridge thence down the west bank of the river
Hall is well fortified , but a point of the railroad between there and East Point is not . I
General HOWARD General Garrard did not destroy any of the railroad . He was posted at Flat Rock by General
rear of the Army of the Cum berland near the railroad , and be parked at a point to be
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August 01, 1864
expedition at Newnan . He relorts the expedition reached the railroad and destroyed more road than the rebels can repair
ceeded according to his orders , aid reached the Macoim railroad and de stroyed twelve miles and a bridge over
spared , as the enemy will surely be on our railroad very soon . W . T . SHERMAN ,
Colonel Browulow reports that McCook destroyed twelve miles of the railroad , and a bridge over the White Water ,
colonel of a small iiifantry regiment , be at the railroad bridge and occupy the rebel in Lreuchments toward Vinilgs
enough . Kilpatricks cavalry should be between Marietta and the railroad bridge , with patrols down about Sweet Water .
. General SCHOFIELD I guess we will trust to the railroad being enongh broken , but I want some noise
when in position he will be within cannonrange of the railroad . W . T . SHERMAN , Major General
lookout , as the enemy will surely be on our railroad , but I shall expect them about Marietta or
the Macon road , burned a bridge , anti destroyed railroad tor twelve miles as thoroughly as possible . Burned
of Vinings and Marietta will follow roads converging at the railroad bridge , and never go north of Buck Head
. The raid upon Macon is driven back , and railroad and telegraphic communication will soon be restored but we
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August 02, 1864
his right flank we must assume the offensive against the railroad between White Hall and East Point . I have
with him have been put in the works near the railroad bridge , and Major Purdy with the 28 men
be cavalry . To seriously threaten the enemys flank and railroad communication it will be necessary to cross the creek
How far do you reckon you are off from the railroad W . T . SHERMAN , MajorGeneral , Commanding
I think no point of mny line is nearer the railroad than Howards right , which I estimate to be
battery constructed from which I think we may reach the railroad , though it is not in sight . .
, I fear we are rather leaving than nearing the railroad . Is Utoy Creek easily passed Will General Schofield
should , if possible , be within cannonrange of the railroad . I am quite unwell today . W .
abont to move , nnder General Elliotts orders , to railroad bridge at Chattahoochee River . Captain McCormick , of
some of your cavalry send it upon Sher . mans railroad . Small parties could do great service . J
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August 03, 1864
I will use my cavalry here after to cover the railroad , and use infantry and artillery against At lanta
the big Sandtown road , that will seriously threaten the railroad . I have heard of General McCook and am
to yon . Will have him reorganize tomorrow at the railroad bridge . Have just returned from the extreme left
im prove his hue tomorrow . I will visit the railroad bridge tomorrow , and then go to the right
I would rather have you defer your visit to the railroad bridge an other Jay . I think that tomorrow
Creek to the east , and will so threaten the railroad that I think the enemy will so far weaken
. MajorGeneral SHERMAN I have been out to the Augusta railroad today . The rebels are still there , but
deserter you sent to me , rests on the Augusta railroad , with their right thrown back . Th S
commanding directs that you move with your command to the railroad bridge north of the Chattahoochee . lie congratulates you
direction of Burmit Hickory . Look out for them on railroad . W . L . ELLIOTT , Brigadier General
Thomas to give you some negro regiments to hold the railroad stations and bring forward any troops you can get
morning . About 6 prisoners were sent off yesterday by railroad to Macon . Generals Bragg and Johnston are in
McCook destroyed about one mile and a half of time railroad between Jonesborough and Griffin . The road is repaired
Glass says he came out on south side of Augusta railroad and passed thromugh the works on our left thrown
No fight yet . light pushed across Utoy Creek toward railroad near East Point , without finding anything but skirmish
place . I am detained by the condition of the railroad east . It will take several days yet for
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August 04, 1864
in your dispatch . General Stoneman was sent to break railroad , after which I consented he should attempt the
that ought never to reach my notice . The military railroad is to carry supplies for the army . It
for a failure to keel the regular supplies . The railroad has supplied us well , better than I ex
our cars , and thereby diminish the ability of our railroad to handle the vast amount of supplies on which
division of cavalry is posted on the south of the railroad , and about half way between Atlanta and Decatur
. General PALMER You will during the movement against the railroad report to an receive orders from General Schofield .
reenforced by your corps , is charged to reach the railroad . Obey his orders and instructions . Acknowledge receipt
occur during active battle . The Saudtowu road and the railroad , if possible , must be gained tomoirow if
reserves of the First Division will be held near the railroad . The general desires that irll commanding officers will
prisoners , including General Stone man . He cut the railroad south of Macon . The command was over whelmed
here for the purpose of making a raid upon the railroad . WM . YANDEVER , Brigadier General , Commanding
and General Palm ers corps will move directly on the railroad which leads south out of Atlanta , at any
will not stol until he has absolute control of that railroad , but must not ex tend more to the
roads , but more especially watch the outlet along the railroad , viz , Gen eral Williams front . III
Utoy Creek until General Schofield has secured position on the railroad or so near it that it can be reached
a point be gained commanding at . short musketrange the railroad . The point of the railroud to be gained
Palmer , in order to throw him self across the railroad , commencing the movement at 3 oclock this p
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August 05, 1864
. We will now need the exclusive use of the railroad from the Teiines see to Nashville , to be
, Nashville See Governor Johnson and arrange for transferring the railroad to theTennessee , from Reynoldsburgto Nashville , to Mr
complete the movement , which involves a push toward the railroad till our right dank is near enough the
the railroad till our right dank is near enough the
course taken was too far west , away from the railroad rather than toward it . Tonight General Schofield will
stick in his trenches General Schofield should surely reach the railroad and overcome any force the enemy has outside .
part of your command where you can reach easily the railroad with short range guns , and then intrench a
get that , and then try to break toward the railroad . J . M . SCHOFIELD , Major General
if possible , a position where you can control the railroad . I will have General Palmer come up ,
press vigorously and endeavor to gain a point commanding the railroad today , and intrench it . Very respectfully ,
Palmer were ordered to carry a point which would command railroad south of Atlanta , while the other corps made
Water . First . He is charged with guarding the railroad from Big Shanty to the Chattahoochee and protecting our
be at once made to give additional security to the railroad and places of deposit . Third . He will
and hope yo Cavalry will be able to destroy the railroad bridges and depots of th enemy on the line
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August 06, 1864
anthorized and directed him to take military possession of said railroad , its rollingstock , equipment , appendages , and
leveloped our line along with the enemy from the Augusta railroad , on our left , to Utoy PostOffice ,
the right to find the extreme flank and threaten the railroad , if possible , to draw him out of
a deserter that this brigade is posted south of the railroad , and that they are very anxious to learn
directs that you move with your command to vicinity of railroad bridge . The commanding officer at Marietta i send
of the big Sand town rOal and then of the railroad . W . T . SHERMAX , lliajor General
on the right , where our shot will command the railroad , then we can afford to rest . W
tomorrow in such a manner as to best threaten the railroad at or below East Point , and keep your
rght , lut not enough to enable us to command railroad yet . An at tack by Schofields corps on
of 1 , men in all . Farther extension to railroad found rebel flank too late for further operations ,
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August 07, 1864
the enemy behind his maki breastworks , which cover the railroad from Atlanta to East Point . We captured a
the right , so as to approach the only remaining railroad left to the enemy , leading due south for
he passed behind him and on to McDonough and the railroad about Love joys , where lie would have met
, tore down tele graph wire , and damaged the railroad east of Macon considerably . He attempted to get
8 mules sabered . He then pushed on for the railroad at Lovejoys , where lie destroyed full two miles
fell back to the real line which is nearer the railroad . I ordered the skirmishers to be pushed in
. General Schofields right does not yet really threaten the railroad , though a full mile nearer East Point than
, thence on the Decatur road south of the Augusta railroad to Decatur . Says there are no troops in
no rebel works nor troops between our works and the railroad . South of the
between our works and the railroad . South of the
think , bring Coxs center witl4u a mile of the railroad . We cross both the Sandtown and Campbellton roads
me to believe that the eiiemy are repairing the Augusta railroad . I am , sir , most respectfully ,
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August 08, 1864
right beyond the right of the infantry south of the railroad . It appears somewhat strange the rebels can oppose
cross . The ground is open from right toward the railroad . The enemys line does no appear to cross
cross the open gronnd . What appears to be the railroad crosses this open ground about a mile from Coxs
It seems clear that we are as near to the railroad as we can get on this side of the
that flank . If Cox has a view of the railroad over clear ground to his right , distant only
that open ground is below East Point , and the railroad you see is the West Point road which the
one mile from East Point he thinks he sees the railroad , but if so , it is the West
, but if so , it is the West Point railroad , which is not the one we want .
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August 09, 1864
were seen moving along the works south of the Augusta railroad , from the rebel right to left , and
from the rebel right to left , and toward the railroad just at dusk . It may be relieving regiments
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August 10, 1864
communications I may have to leave a corps at the railroad bridge , well intrenched , and cut loose with
absolutely certain that his right is near the West Point railroad , and yet urges that another corps can reach
heart of Atlanta , the ridge on which are the railroad and White hall being plainly visible , as also
of our move ment and essentially parallel to the Macon railroad . J . M . SCHOFIELD , Major General
Do you think General Hascall can reach the West Point railroad from his position without assaulting parapets Do you think
the distance from Hascalls present position to the West Point railroad , but I have no doubt he can reach
would be able to Jrolong the line to the Macon railroad , or better , that one corps , in
of East Point , and get a position crossing the railroad , from which we could not be driven .
General Thomas , and he goes to look at the railroad bridge to see to a proper cover there for
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August 11, 1864
command are daily coming in that they come along the railroad and that on Sunday nothing had been done towar4
in force , and to break , the West Poiut railroad . It is im portant that the enemy should
. It never was moved from the camp near the railroad till today , when it was sent to Williams
day en ronte to Madison . He says the bridge railroad over the Yellow River is not repaired , and
, and he could see no attempts to repair the railroad . Very respectfully , your obedient servant , K
right is three miles east of Atlanta , center about railroad , and left about East Point . I believe
can get the distance from Hascalls posi tion to the railroad is probably about two miles . He will have
, and ascertain exactly the distance to the West Point railroad , and to break it l It is reported
I think he might push out to the West Point railroad , break it , and return without running very
that the pickets and flankers could see the West Point railroad , and that the enemys line was parallel with
think General Ilascall might push out to the West Point railroad , break it , and return without running very
iicket officers reported they saw what appeared to be a railroad , as I telegraphed you , but I subsequently
hesitation in making the effort to strike and break the railroad , thoughm I may fail in the attempt ,
Hascall feel out this morning or early tomorrow for that railroad , and be prepared to support him or cut
sort of raid to find and break the West Point railroad . I will send you full instruc tions tonight
the Cumberland Have you any infantry near Vinings Station or railroad bridge , and what cavalry have you on river
. There are parts of two regi ments at the railroad bridge , and Kilpatricks cavalry is posted along the
, and Kilpatricks cavalry is posted along the river from railroad bridge to Sandtown . GEO . H . THOMAS
move forward and en deavor to reach the West Point railroad , as near as practicable to East Point ,
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August 12, 1864
just about to try to capture his picketline near the railroad . D . S . STANLEY , Major General
intended to be moved to the right to destroy the railroad . My part was performed , but if the
four large pieces of artil lery moving down the Macon railroad toward East Point . Day before yesterday shells passed
returned same way . Says the works alon the Augusta railroad are held by militia and dismounted cavalry in small
have no hesitation in saying that any road to the railroad which is not exceedingly long and circuitous must lead
, or to any point not over 1 miles by railroad . II . Commanding officers at Cairo and Louisville
, attack and attempt to force a way to the railroad today 12th . Respectfully , T . B .
, who will not go away . How does the railroad work go on Push it forward . Yours ,
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August 13, 1864
River this campaign . I could easily break up the railroad back to Chattanooga and shift my whole army down
p . m . Major . General SHERMAN Damage to railroad repaired . Enemys force , about seventyfive , came
, Marietta Make somebody suffer for the break of the railroad at Acworth some body over in the direction of
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August 14, 1864
Camp Creek . Your train will be kept near the railroad bridge until your position on the south side is
make a bold reconnaissance in the direction of Fairburn to railroad if you can reach it . It is reported
Stewarts corps is about half a mile from the Augusta railroad . The militia are on Stewarts right , and
stand does iiot know what damage was done to the railroad by Stoneman , but learned that all bridges south
. Has not heard anything in regard to the Augusta railroad , whether it is being repaired or not .
the bridge destroyed across the Yellow River . Learned from railroad men and workmen at Alcova Station that the road
made so rapidly as to reach and control the Macon railroad in from three to live days , after which
carried with the troops , and other points of the railroad abandoned . The moyement can be commenced with supplies
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August 15, 1864
, at Resaca , reports the enemys cavalry on the railroad near Tmlton tearing up track . Give orders that
gradually decreased in sound . About half a mile of railroad and a bridge were destroy d near Dalton .
the Twentieth Corps in the fortifica . ticns at the railroad bridge . First . have all the wagons that
. General Williams having adjnsted his troops to cover the railroad bridge , General Garrard should move by the right
reconnaissance , you think you c . annot strike the railroad , I would not attempt it . Such is
, at Resaca , relorts the enemys cavalry on the railroad near Tilton tearing up track . Give orders that
, and some Alabama cavalry . This torce lestroyed the railroad near Tilton . T lie force which crossed at
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August 16, 1864
his left hit but at all events to hold the railroad and main Decathr roa thatl did not propose to
it . They mnay do 8 much damage to the railroad that it will take a long time to repair
he forced the enemy back into his camp near the railroad , five miles above Fairburn Station destroyed the station
Station destroyed the station and public buildings , telegraph and railroad for about three miles . Jacksons division has thus
. General THOMAS We will commence the movement against the railroad about Jones borough Tharsday night unless something occnrs in
. I forced the enemy back into his camp near railroad , live miles above the station . Destroyed the
. Destroyed the station , public buildings , telegraph and railroad for about three miles . Jacksons division of cavalry
depot and public buildings at Fairburn , telegraph wire and railroad track for about three uuiles . irove Ross brigade
situated on Camp Creek , about three miles from the railroad , anl went into camp late last evening near
or no effort to prevent me from reachmn o the railroad at any point below East Point Station . I
to Major General Schofield , and inform him that the railroad was cut at Fairburn , and the depot burned
as soon as possible , re store the telegraph and railroad , alid feel out to Spring Place . if
inc well advised , especially as to how soon the railroad will be repaired , as I want to make
tonight . As soon as repaired I will go by railroad to the break south of Dalton , take with
1864 . The movement of the army against the Macon railroad will begin Thursday night , Angust 18 , and
made a dash in Fairburn , on the West Point railroad , and burned the depot , but retreated immediately
. SHOUP , Chief of Staff GENERAL Colonel Thompson destroyed railroad near Big Shanty for one mile on Friday night
night . Colonel Ilannon , commanding brigade , destroyed the railroad near Calhoun on Saturday night , capturing 1 ,
. Allens brigade and Humes and Kellys divisions destroyed the railroad for several miles between Resaca and Tunnel Hill ,
. I have several parties still work ing at the railroad . Respectfully , your obedient ervan t , 48
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August 17, 1864
not only possible but compara tively easy to break the railroad to Macon effectually . I do not want to
of the enemy and break np many miles of that railroad . General Garrard with one brigade could amuse those
in connection with Schofield , so effectually destroy the Macon railroad that it cannot be used in two order and
the cavalry , provided with the tools to break up railroad . Kilpatrick rep resents forage abundant down there .
beyond Spring Place . We will repair all damages to railroad and telegraph tonight . I will not move our
could be taken to make another raid on the Macon railroad , but if you send Kilpatrick I would insist
regiment at a time out to the vicinity of the railroad and try and create an impression upon the ereumy
infantry cannot be spared to go out to protect the railroad . I think Hood has made a mistake in
left Dalton at 4 oclock this morning . Went by railroad within two miles and a half of that place
. I have put 3 men on the repairs of railroad , and will work every hour until they are
not credit the report . Push the work on the railroad with all possible dispatch . Use the siding at
enemy seemed greatly elated at their sncccss in destroying the railroad . Offi cers expressed the opinion that it would
be necessary to take up side tracks to repair the railroad . G . B . IIAUM , Colonel ,
went toward Dalton , saying that he intended holding the railroad fifteen days . From Jasper he moved his force
thinks that enemy has gone to East Tennessee . The railroad is not threatened . Yesterday evening Wheeler was on
will move by the Marietta and Atlanta road from the railroad bridge , and park at the same place to
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August 18, 1864
I was going to put a corps intrenched at the railroad bridge , and with the balance swing round by
aiding General Kilpatrick in his oper ations on the Macon railroad as much as possible , I desire you to
The brigade will march just at lawn over to the railroad , where the main body will be held in
front to reconnoiter . The brigade will remain near the railroad all forenoon the men will get their breakfast in
new position at the time Kirbys brigade marches to the railroad . One of Taylors regiments will move to the
right is the deep cut and heavy embankment on the railroad admirably adapted for the concealment of any movements of
ments . The brigade will be pushed out toward the railroad , and will be kept well out all day
tonight for the direction of Jonesborough , on the Macon railroad . The general commanding directs that you endeavor to
say that our cavalry on our left is on Augusta railroad , near and east of Atlanta . Decatur is
ceme tery toward Decatur on the south side of the railroad . Says the militia commences on the left of
and scouts . Saw large squads of negroes along the railroad from East Point to Fairburn , felling timber and
Point as possible and break up some more of that railroad , while General Kilpatrick draws their cavalry toward Jonesborough
my line more than a mile toward the West Point railroad and fortified . J . M . SCHOFIELD ,
I will move with a corps of infantry toward the railroad near East Point , and engage the enemy so
and passengers he learns that flumes divis ion crossed the railroad at Riceville , between Charleston and Athens , and
5 rounds of ammunition for these guns at Chatta hoochee railroad bridge depot . I am , general , c
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August 19, 1864
caused by General Kilpat . rick he probably reached the railroad about that hour but the dis . tauce from
, whence his works run southeast to the West Point railroad . No opposition to General Schofield , who found
tomor row morning move the riflepits as far as the railroad , and then throw out a strong brigade beyond
, and then throw out a strong brigade beyond the railroad to see if he can find their flank ,
of the Cumberland GENERAL I moved Kirbys brigade to the railroad at daybreak and . sent strong reconnoitering parties toward
intrenching or improving the intrenchments at the angle near the railroad to give the idea of a permanent extension of
Signal officer reports cars loaded with soldiers Sent down the railroad . Of course Hood will try to defend that
the enemy appeared to be today , not down the railroad , though you will have to send pickets in
with 6 , meii , and may strike at this railroad . If he should attempt to do so you
SCHOFIELD Should your demonstration carry you to the West Point railroad break it , and let that seem to be
line seem to run south east to the West Point railroad , striking it near Bacon . In the second
Citizens and prisoners say the enemys lines extend to the railroad , but do not know whether beyond or not
the day l General Stanley moved in Three across the railroad about the brick house , and set his men
force about Diggs tomorrow , and I think threaten the railroad with a light force a little more toward Red
since my last . Kilpatriek is today raiding the Macon railroad with an infantry support , and has besides his
, and will be next heard from on the Nashville railroad in vicinity of War trace or Duck Itiver bridge
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August 20, 1864
was nearly due south from the burnt house on the railroad . The rebel skirmishers were driven back about a
direc tion of Red Oak , striking the West Point railroad about half a mile north of IRed Oak ,
eral Morgan captured about 2 prisoners . More of the railroad would have been destroyed , but the command was
cuttin gthe telegraph wire and tearing up portion of the railroad track . From here the troops moved by the
The troops met with no resist ance until reaching the railroad , where I found a small force of the
his force in and about Lawrenceville , and that the railroad at Covington is about being repaired . An Irishman
attacked by cavalry , he was compelled to leave the railroad . Being unable to rejoin General Kilpatrick , in
, 2 cavalry , and proceeded north to strike the railroad , either between Bridgeport and Chattanooga or between Stevenson
2 men cavalry , and proceeded north to strike the railroad between this point and Hunts ville . Reports from
cavalry expedition south of Atlanta , but the fact that railroad trains that took out troops to meet it backed
Johhson will scud two brigades to reconnoiter and threaten the railroad about Red Oak . Colonel Garrards cavalry will operate
four Federal scouts about three miles below here ou the railroad , aud heald that the enemys infantry aud cavalry
heald that the enemys infantry aud cavalry are on the railroad both sides , about four miles below here .
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August 21, 1864
noon these two brigades moved to the right of the railroad , reenforcing Strahi , on rebel right . They
reenforcing Strahi , on rebel right . They heard the railroad was cut night before last . A colonel said
General Cox last evening reiort that Kilpat rick struck the railroad at Jonesborough the morning after he started . Very
Randolph County , Ala ., report the rebels abandoning the railroad between Atlanta and Montgomery , and moving everything around
London , and making quite thorongh job of destruction of railroad and telegraph line . One mile of road and
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August 22, 1864
He re ports having torn up four miles connectedly of railroad between Rough and Ready and Jonesborough , and ten
I will go over to General Thomas and on the railroad on our flank . Has anything occurred that I
a new line of works on east side of Marietta railroad . Today I have been able to better letermine
work . A line of works runs parallel to the railroad directly opposite of
of works runs parallel to the railroad directly opposite of
campaign . If they learn that when they destroy our railroad we will destroy their houses I think they will
who was . expected to make a circuit across the railroad north of Chat tanooga . WM . YANDEVER ,
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August 23, 1864
. I do not think they intend to harass the railroad but merely to hold that gap . WM .
my scouts at Fairburn and Milams four miles down the railroad tolay . Very resecttiIlly , yours , W .
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August 24, 1864
1864 . For Miller to Kennedy , reporting operations on railroad between Decatur and Stone Mountain , see Part II
HOWARD I have been out all day at the riverthe railroad bridge and Tur . ners will move my camp
telegraph at Concord , and did a little damage to railroad , and then returned to the south side of
of the subsequent move ments of the enemy . The railroad and telegraph between Philadel phia and Athens are badly
agent of the PostOffice Department at the end of the railroad , and will have it brought to his headquarters
Division , to move to the Chattahoochee River at the railroad bridge the Second Division to the river at Paces
, will superintend the erection of the works at the railroad crossing . Major Reynolds , chief of artillery ,
and during the day tomorrow will select positions at the railroad crossing for the other four batteries , which will
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August 25, 1864
with that division and take position with it near the railroad crossing over the Chattahoochee River . I am ,
at Plains , anl did but lit tle damage to railroad . All quiet here . J . AMMEN ,
front office is now at Chatta hoochee , near the railroad bridge , where Stanley , with the Fourth Corps
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August 26, 1864
his escort to picket for tonight the road along the railroad and the one which passes by signal hill .
Division Cavalry General Rousseau states rebel brigade moving towarl the railroad from Polks place . You will proceed as soon
route for a road as near as possible along the railroad between Calhoun and Adairsville , crossing the Oothkaloga Creek
railroad between Calhoun and Adairsville , crossing the Oothkaloga Creek
then obstruct all fords on the creek east of the railroad . Ii have also directed him to erect a
sending infantry to this side into the two works by railroad , near end of bridge one already oc cupied
with your guns . Shut the cut as before in railroad and man the fort opposite . The two forts
SEDDON , ichmond Last night the enemy abandoned the Augusta railroad and all the conutry between that road and the
and all the conutry between that road and the 1alton railroad . His left now rests on the Dalton
1alton railroad . His left now rests on the Dalton
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August 27, 1864
a few prisoners . My head quarters are near the railroad bridge . I am , general , very respectfully
to him at Chattanooga . He will want to protect railroad toward Nashville . J . AMMEN , Brqadier leneral
toward Sidling , or Shadna , on the West Point railroad the same here tofore noted as New Hope .
that their left is W on the Chattahoochee at the railroad bridge their right is unchanged , and they appear
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August 28, 1864
1 Army of the Tennessee is on tue West Point railroad near Fairburn Army of the Cnmberland is on the
position on commanding rouud , his left resting on the railroad , his line extending sonth to within a mile
ordered to post his pickets on the north of the railroad , his left extending toward Minis house , and
tomorrow , or will we remain here to destroy the railroad I had almost forgotten to report that General Morgans
GENERAL We will remain here tomorrow . I wish the railroad thoroughly destroyed as far forward as possible , and
one division of your corps on the left of the railroad as far to the front as possible , and
throw for ward a division on the right of the railroad . The track will be effectu ally destroyed from
first being rerolled . The present opportunity to break the railroad effectually shonld not be passed by unimproved . I
you for duty tomorrow , on the left of the railroad , as far to the front as possible ,
to the front as possible , arid thoroughly destroy the railroad track . Care should be exercised that you be
one division of your corps on the right of the railroad as far to the front as possible , and
will throw a division forward on the left of the railroad . The track will be effectu ally destroyed from
first being rerolled . The present opportunity to break the railroad effectually should not be passe1 by unimproved . I
tomorrow morning you send out your largest brigade upon the railroad with in structions to make a reconnaissance to your
land in your rear upon the south side of the railroad . Very respectfully , your obedient servant , A
Bridge Army of the Tennessee is on the West Point railroad neal Fairburn , Cumberland at Red Oak , and
have made no demonstra tions on Williams division at the railroad crossing , though their cavalry picket along the front
general commanding directs that you place your brigade on the railroad early tomorrow morning just in front of your camp
men sent to occupy the road where it intersects the railroad between here and Aliatoona . Send out the men
will be tomorrow . General Thomas is now on the railroad about Red Oak , and General Howard has crossed
. Tomorrow I shall probably move to or near the railroad via Miins and Trimbles . With the aid of
1864 . General HOWARD General Thomas column is on the railroad at Red Oak also coin municate with him up
Thomas is in position , his two corps crossing the railroad and facing Atlanta . General Schofield still remains abont
. I want you to do the best job of railroad destruction on record , using General Kilpatrick to cover
in the future also fill up some cuts in the railroad with logs and trees covered with dirt , so
may rest perfectly satisfied as regards the use of this railroad during the remainder of this campaign . It is
coffee , you march a brigade or more to the railroad and continence its destruction at the right of General
from the front of this brigade across the road and railroad to a point about half a mile from the
near Red Oak , and army in position on Macomi railroad , having found but few Johnnies and met with
The line of march will be directly southward to the railroad . The two batteries formerly at tached to the
competent officer , back to the 11 corral at Chattahoochee railroad bridge , there to remain until further orders .
ing to a point opposite and near the West Point railroad between East Point and Fairburn . They hold all
, destroying 3 trains of cars and 25 miles of railroad . His command is in good condition . J
Reynolds . He desires you to order them to the railroad at Bartimeus Hospital , if that be nearer than
danger of raid . Yankees have not left West Point railroad . J . B . HOOD , General .
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August 29, 1864
taken by the Fourteenth Corps , and which crosses the railroad a short distance southwest of Red Oak and which
the corps last evening , and in breaking up the railroad toward East Point . The latter was done by
tion with General Carhins division General Wood thoroughly destroyed the railroad three miles in advance of our lines . We
for roastingears , to keep behind time force on the railroad , were captured by the enemy . Very respectfully
First Division , General Carlin , destroyed the West Point railroad from iwo miles in his front to about one
the corps that his instructions concermiing the destruction of the railroad have been executed . It is thoroughly destroyed for
would permit me to go with one brigade . The railroad thus embraced within our lines was as immeli as
re ports that Hardees corps moved down on the Montgomery railroad today . I have to report the capture of
SCHOFIELD I have been down to General Howard . The railroad is well broken down two miles and a half
move off , draw back your main force to the railroad above Red Oak , and picket along Camp Creek
, I think , be sufficient to operate between the railroad and the left of the infantry . Very respectfully
has been ordered to proceed with his commmand along the railroad to Fairburn , or the purpose of destroying the
. He directs that you make the destruction of the railroad within your lines thorough and complete by bending and
Garrard , scouting thoroughly all roads leading toward the Macon railroad . The division amnurnition and baggage trains will follow
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August 30, 1864
of the East Point road and the road crossing the railroad and leading to Widow Longs . The Fourth Corps
much re serve as I can consistently with covering the railroad and the little com manding ground on the left
from the new position as far as the West Point railroad , connect ing with General Garrards cavalry , which
Lee is instructed to move Patton Andersons division near the railroad to assist you if need be . Please place
that there is a probability of the enemy striking the railroad tonight between Jonesborough and the left of our army
it in motion at once if necessary to protect the railroad . General Lee will follow up the movement .
if need be in direction of Jones borough to protect railroad . If he moves he will inform you ,
Commanding , c . Should the enemy move to the railroad you must letain them as long as possible .
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August 31, 1864
Jonesborough or the enemy wherever he may be , breaking railroad as he moves aouth . I dont believe anybody
anybody recognizes how important it is now to destroy this railroad . Should it appear the enemy is trying to
Stanley and Schofield , covered by Garrard , destroy the railroad tomorrow to their rear until they comime down to
the Army of the Cumberland and throw it on the railroad east of Fayetteville , say at Loyejoys , or
on the idea that he and Stanley move down the railroad , beaking it , till they come to Baird
am glad to hear that Baird also is on the railroad , and now the sooner we get all our
ready for Baird and Stanley to come up along the railroad . If Hood remains in Atlanta and Hardee commands
, and for him and Stanley to work down the railroad tonight if possible , otherwise early in the morning
Schofields forces had come up pushed out for the Macon railroad , which we reached at the big bend about
position in strong line , the left resting upon the railroad , my right at Morrows MilL The working parties
General . P . S . General Baird struck the railroad at 5 p . m . today and went
charge of an energetic officer , to begin tearing up railroad track at 3 oclock tomor row morning , commencing
him . I have given orders to commence destroying the railroad at 3 a . m . As your mvemerM
skirmish line with supports , as though to reach the railroad three or four miles above Jones borough . Have
and Jonesborough road , so as to threaten the Macon railroad between Rough and Ready and Jonesborou . h .
A . BAIRD GENERAL General Schofield has possession of the railroad below Rough and Ready , and by this time
, and has al ready commenced the destruction of the railroad . Make your position strong , and then make
General Morgans and make a reconnaissance and demonstration on the railroad in front of onr position at Couchs house .
of Morgans division , are now in position holding the railroad east of Conchs house . A few minutes after
division to make a strong reconnaissance and demonstration toward the railroad in front of his position . Very respectfully ,
the front and right of your present position toward the railroad above Jonesborough , in conformity with the following instructions
skirmish line with supports , as though to reach the railroad three or four miles above Jonesborough . Have Stanley
you meet with no great resistance pnsh on to the railroad . Snpport your skirmish line well with reserves and
Commanding GENERAL Kilpatrick made an attempt to get upon the railroad , but met with so strong resistance that he
is near you . Schofield and Stanley are on the railroad two miles south of Rough and Ready headed off
thinking of them , and that I have got the railroad above theni . Yours W . T . SHERMAN
It is officially reported that General Thomas is on the railroad , two miles this side of Rough and Ready
Generals Thomas and Schofield are endeavoring to get upon the railroad , and certainly get upon the
get upon the railroad , and certainly get upon the
now , because Howard is within 8 yards of the railroad at Jonesborough , intrenched . He has three bridges
and then commence to demonstrate against Hardee and toward the railroad . I will do all I can to carry
the creek at Morrows Mill and are pushing toward the railroad . Stanley is striking south of Rough and Ready
I think Stanley and I had better push for the railroad here . Had not General Garrard better do the
If you and Stanley will make a lodgment on the railroad below Rough and Ready , Howard can hold the
. You can use Garrard if sure of getting the railroad today . If you reach the road dont waste
information . Cox is within half a mile of the railroad , but is meeting pretty strong resistancehas got the
18644 p . m . General SHERMAN I struck the railroad a mile below Rough and Ready at 3 oclock
it fast we will get our whole army on the railroad as near Jonesborough as possible and push Hardee and
trains arrived apparently with troops after we got on the railroad . This evening there are sounds of a movement
the south on a road not far east of the railroad . I have sent a party to push out
on you and all the great importance of destroying that railroad absolutely beyond hope of repair . I am ,
you move forward at daylight toward Jonesborough , covering the railroad and the main wagon road , breaking the track
Second Division , Twentythird Army Corps GENERAL Cox got the railroad at 3 oclock and Stanley joined him about 4
. It is one mile and a half to the railroad by nearest road , which forks about half a
Corps . Mr . Thames says Stanley cannot strike the railroad less than three miles below where I shall reach
also to assist General Garrard , who will approach the railroad at that point and open communication with you .
to Dodsons , that followed the road aronnd to the railroad , driving a picket most of the way .
the way . I also sent one np to the railroad on the Atlanta road . This last , nnder
him back to the crossroads , five miles from the railroad . Here he made a determined resistance , with
will cross the river below Jonesborongh , and reach the railroad , if possible . One honr of daylight would
strong force of picked men , lashed in on the railroad four miles below , effectually destroyed upward of fifty
A small force of cavalry is now passing down the railroad , with , it is thought , one piece
time . Our position is now so very near the railroad that any formidable force of cavalry can strike it
small force stationed at Tracy City , and destroyed a railroad bridge . Colonel Krzyzanowski reports the enemy at Jasper
damage , if any , has been done to the railroad north of that place , but will soon know
have sent a heavy guard three miles north . The railroad is torn up and some ties burned not much
. Maj . THOMAS T . ECKERT Wheeler today cut railroad and telegraph , first near Wartrace , and later
oclock this afternoon 4 of Wheelers forces crossed the Nashville railroad , two miles north of Cowan Station . Captured
dispose of your force as to best protect the Macon railroad and communications in rear . Retain provision and ordnance
Please give the position of the enemy on the Macoii railroad and else where at dark . Watch huin closely
position with right on Kewnan wagon road and left on railroad Keep us fully advised . If driven back retire
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September 01, 1864
learn that General Stanley remained today for hours on the railroad awaiting orders , wheu he heard firing heavy to
dont know why Stanley could not have pushed along the railroad while General Davis was heavily engaged , and absolutely
honor to report that I commenced to tear up the railroad this morning at 3 oclock where I struck the
. General Kimballs division will lead , marching on the railroad . General Newton will follow General Kimball . General
two pieces , which will accompany General Kimball on the railroad . General Wood will be careful not to get
to get in advance of the column moving down the railroad , and will keep a strong advance well out
yon approach Jonesborongh , and while he is destroying the railroad . The brigade of Carlin , which is detached
as Griffin . Whenever the opportunity offers to break the railroad without much risk , do so . Give the
lines about Jonesborough that no troops are moving down the railroad , but all are in position and busily at
all are in position and busily at work that the railroad as far dowii as Griffin is guarded by cavalry
enemy has been extending his works along the line of railroad in direction of the bridge on Fayetteville road .
Lovejoys Station . This is the only infantry on the railroad between Jonesborough and Griffin . Very respectfully , J
Thomas will push him in the direc tion of the railroad south . Schofield will operate on the east and
on the east and you on the west of the railroad . If he retreats we will follow with out
can do good service by feeling out and reaching the railroad if possible . He should not be content with
so far . Our men are at work on the railroad . Very resectfully , J . M . SChOFIELD
think you will find plenty of roals along down the railroad , also from any point of it across to
From reports of my staff I think enough of the railroad has been broken until we have conquered the army
hanging on his left flank follow roads east of the railroad as far as Griffin . Thomnas will follow the
railroad as far as Griffin . Thomnas will follow the
cavalry , across Flint River , feeling out for the railroad below Jonesborough . If you think Stewarts corps has
the road very thorough . My headqnarters are near the railroad where the Flat Rock road strikes it . Very
a straight barricade this side of and parallel to the railroad . If Stewart comes down he will come round
left flank , prepared to swing round east of the railroad . I sent you a sketch showing Howards position
main wagon road running on the righthan side of the railroad , your trains in front . He desires the
you to put a small force to move on the railroad to act as rear guard there . Respectfully ,
that enemy does not move on any other than the railroad . Keep General Hood advised . Remove the telegraph
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September 02, 1864
about y pushing your mcii against breastworks . Destroy the railroad well to your lines keep skirmishers well up ,
3 a . in ., when I started down the railroad . At 12 in . 1 arrived thin about
and make preparations to advance on the t of the railroad , while the Army of the Tennessee advanced on
GENERAL The majorgeneral commandin directs that tonight you break the railroad thoroughly for a distance of one mile to your
2 instructing me to thoroughly de stroy a mile of railroad track tonight , and then at daylight tomorrow morning
by him to be set to work de stroying the railroad . You will also issue orders for the arrest
be disposed of by Colonel Flad in de stroying the railroad also your troops will , after they have rested
the Tennessee , to assist in the destruction of the railroad . A part of General Bairds command was engaged
, General Sherman , is strougly posted on the Macoii railroad . Yery respectfully , your obedient servant , M
the right and on a road this side of the railroad , artillery , infantry , wagons , and cavalry
of dust can be seen along the line of the railroad and in the direction of MeDonough . I feel
if I find the efiemy to be retreating down the railroad , I must move my command quickly to the
. I suppos our army to be moving down the railroad . I have a good bridge buil at this
have sent find a road leading substantially parallel to the railroad , if you IC re me to pursne toward
at this stage . I have parties breaking up the railroad from Jonesborongh to our lines , and tomorrow wish
. General Cox We are to pursue parallel to the railroad . Hascall is on the Jones borough and MeDonough
after the enemy . The column will move on the railroad , and the artillery , ambulances , and headquarters
move on the dirt road on this sile of the railroad . General Newtons division will lead , followed by
Jonesborough today . General ilardees line of battle crosses the railroad , running east and west , about half a
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September 03, 1864
reached a good position from which to strike the Macon railroad , the right General Howards near Jonesborough , the
troops , the salient within half a mile of the railroad . The enemy at tacked him at 8 p
, 1 advanced the left amid center rapidly to the railroad , made a good lodgument , amid broke it
with the force he had there . He destroyed 8 railroad cars of ammunition , blew up the magazines at
regiments from the First Division were engaged tearing up time railroad until the order was countermanded by General Shermans order
of one brigade , which you will leave at the railroad bridge . The guard at Paces Ferry will be
yourself . You will direct Colonel Wright to repair the railroad into the town . The troops will be disposed
bridgeheads on the south side of the Chattahoochee at the railroad ferry and a company to hold Paces Ferry .
the cotton gin , with the left resting on the railroad and running out to a point to be designated
also on the Morefleld road , which leads down the railroad . The road between this point and Pulaski was
this afternoon . There is iio telegraphic communication . The railroad is not damaged but for a mile or two
determine tonight whither they have gone , whether down the railroad toward Pulaski or toward Florence or directly west toward
to send up his cavalry along the line of the railroad to resist the destruction of the road by Wheeler
cutting it and telegraph pretty badly thence went and cut railroad and telegraph between here and Franklin . lie is
well done , and all work of destruction on the railroad will cease . By order of Maj . Gen
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September 04, 1864
hood finding mue twenty miles below him on his only railroad , and Ihardee defeated , was forced to abandon
, so that we will have the entire use of railroad back , as also such corn and forage as
, and , joining Roddey , is again menacing the railroad . General Steedman should be telegraphed to come around
has joined Wheeler south of Duck River and menaces Alabama railroad . By order J . I . WEBSTER .
of the cottongin , with the left resting on the railroad , and extend ing to a point on the
quartermaster of this army a large amount of ammunition and railroad stock had to be destroyed at Atlanta . He
to observe the enemy between Flint River and West 1oint railroad . You will please keep General Jackson informed of
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September 05, 1864
sharp watch on Johnsons movemeilt . Should he threaten the railroad notify me concentrate on him as much of your
lookout for them . Infori all the stations along the railroad , that they may be ready for them ,
8 oclock tonight by the road running east of the railroad , encamping the first night at Jones borough ,
and Ready by roads running on the west of the railroad , and encamping on that side of the
the railroad , and encamping on that side of the
of march will be along the east side of the railroad . The order of march will be , first
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September 06, 1864
the way to Atlanta , on the cast of the railroad , to what is called the Flat Shoal road
runs from Jonesborough , on the west side of the railroad and very near it , until near the new
south of Rough and Ready , where it crosses the railroad . You will then march by a route ,
hour . The leading division will draw out along the railroad , with the head of column resting opposite the
about three miles from this place where it leaves the railroad and then have a good road to Rough and
or far enough to clear General Thomas column along the railroad . Please inform me this morning if this proposition
so as to clear Stanleys road , whichistheone following the railroad west and near it . Stanley day after tomorrow
, at Pulaski , that he drove Wheeler from the railroad from Nashville to Decatur , and that he moved
I have trains here and shall move forward to repair railroad . General Milroy fought at Triune yesterday . Rebels
there and drove them away left two regiments to rebuild railroad track and put up telegraph wire returned to this
this point found lines down south and the enemy destroying railroad went down , repaired , and communicated with all
near Lynuville . Wheeler had crossed to the east of railroad same day , destroying some five miles track near
to morrow , and will take the road along the railroad in rear of the trains of the Fourth Army
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September 07, 1864
I moved rapidly south , and reached the West Point railroad , near Fair burn , on the 27th ,
of it then moving east my right approached the Macon railroad near Jonesborough , and my left near Rough and
combat I pushed the left and center rapidly on the railroad above between Rough and Ready and Jonesborough . On
a . ni . From this point we left the railroad and marched on a road leading direct to Sykes
6 strong , were coming from the direction of the railroad . Came into the Lexington and Lawrenceburg road one
or near Florence . Williams is on east side of railroad , supposed to be moving toward Lambs Ferry .
Am sending an additional brigade to Opelika to protect tbe railroad . J . B . hOOD , General .
exercise command of all of the cavalry east of the railroad . Your command will consist of Genera . l
pres ent command . Your line will extend from the railroad to such point to the east as may be
army is repeated . The destruction as you return of railroad and wagon traimis is iInlortallt , if not attended
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September 08, 1864
enough troops to handle Wheeler , and I suppose the railroad will soon be repaired . We have enough stores
cavalry that it is difficult to follow them . The railroad to Chat tanooga will be open again on Saturday
killed , 5 wounded , 4 missing . Today the railroad was torn up near Bell Buckle dam age trifling
morning . He says only stragglers are left along the railroad now . Can you get this information to General
, passed through Shelbyville on the 6th , crossed the railroad between Bell Buckle and Wartrace , tearing up a
, lid not come up , but changed hisdirection toward railroad , and ordered me to leave Wheeler and proceed
to Tennessee River and crossed in haste . I understand railroad will be opened to Nashville tomorrow . I repaired
ordnance , quartermaster , com missary , medical , and railroad departmemmts , set aside such buildings and lots of
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September 09, 1864
activity , and to show no mercy to guerrillas or railroad breakers . It makes a world of difference if
coining to Atlanta . I will as soon as the railroad is open make arrange ments for opening and supplying
facing southward , a short distance south of the Decatur railroad , the right about two miles from Atlanta .
Winchester , he thinks , and will either cross the railroad at IDeeherd or go on to the river and
that rebel General Will iams with his whole force crossed railroad yesterday p . in . near War trace ,
trace , moving in direction of McMinnville , without disturbing railroad or telegraph wire . Nothing heard from General Rousseau
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September 10, 1864
form a junction with Wheeler , so it recrossed the railroad on the 7th , going east in the direction
river above Chattanooga . This party will likely cross the railroad about fifteen miles south of Columbia . If you
on the Tennessee River , anti were to cross the railroad fifteen miles south of Columbia , and were to
, via Corinth and Mobile September 9 We destroyed the railroad and bridge on the Nashville
9 We destroyed the railroad and bridge on the Nashville
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September 11, 1864
trying to escape through East Tennessee , and that the railroad is no longer in danger . That he is
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September 12, 1864
river near Florence . Milroy moved from Pulaski to Chattanooga railroad cars run here from below . W . B
12 , 1864 . MajorGeneral ROUSSEAU , On line of railroad north Twentytwo nien of Third Tennessee Cavalry just arrived
Williams is trying to escape through East Tennessee that the railroad is no longer in danger that he is to
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September 13, 1864
. Here , in obedience to the orders of the railroad authorities , the CoiuurlaIHI was delayed two hours and
halted and rested , and then moved over to the railroad , where it had been lestroyed by Wheeler .
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September 19, 1864
I can keep the country in the vicinity of the railroad pretty well scouted , and as the Fifth Tennessee
up a large portion of the guerrillas who endanger the railroad , I can , with the assistance of the
other regiments ordered to report to me , protect the railroad . I recommend that the regiment be ordered to
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