The 1877 Railroad Strike

The Great Railway Strike of 1877 brought the nation's commerce to a screeching halt, and the violence that erupted in Baltimore and Pittsburgh shook the nation. In the aftermath of Civil War and Reconstruction, the great strike seemed especially ominous. Railroad workers led this first national strike in American history, exploiting the very network that was the instrument of national unity. Compare the coverage, especially language, tone, and policy recommendations in the various newspapers.

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Newspaper Accounts:



This section includes all of the extremely rare lithographs from two special issues of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, especially the Strike special issues of August 4 and 11, 1877.

Photographs of the Aftermath of the Strike:

This section includes several extremely rare stereoscopic photographs of the destruction in Pittsburgh, Pa., part of a series of 42 stereoscopic slides marketed by S. V. Albee showing the aftermath of the strike.

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