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Civil War Brother Artists

“Brother Artists: photographers and sketch artists on the railroads in the war” William G. Thomas This talk was condensed for The New York Times Disunion Blog, “The Civil War’s ‘Brother Artists’” published November 17, 2012. What follows is the full … Continue reading

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1862 Great Plains symposium

We are getting ready in Lincoln for the Center for Great Plains Studies Symposium on 1862: The Making of the Great Plains beginning on Thursday this week. On Sunday, the Lincoln Journal Star ran a series of stories on why … Continue reading

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Railroad art exhibition at the Sheldon opens

On Friday, January 20, 2012, the “Railroads and the Making of Modern America” exhibition opened at the Sheldon Museum of Art in Lincoln, Nebraska. I was the guest curator for the exhibition. I have relied throughout on Leslie Working, a … Continue reading

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Railroad Exhibition planning with the Sheldon Museum of Art

In 2012 the United States will mark several important anniversaries for the Great Plains region, including the passage of three pieces of landmark legislation–the 1862 Pacific Railroad Act, the Morrill Land Grant Act, and the Homestead Act. In addition, the … Continue reading

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Moby Dick and the Problem of Slavery

Deep in the midsection of Moby Dick (1851), in chapter 55 to be precise, on “Of the Monstrous Pictures of Whales,” Herman Melville takes his readers on a little tour of the various blunders that scientists, painters, and sign makers … Continue reading

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