historian, author, film producer


William G. Thomas III
Department of History
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
612 Oldfather Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588


Email: wgthomas3@gmail.com
Twitter: wgthomas3

Agent: Wendy Strothman
Strothman Literary Agency
William Thomas


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  1. John Douglas says:

    generally I just only visit blogs and retrieve my required information but this time the useful information that you posted in this post compelled me to reply here and appreciate your good work

  2. wthomas says:

    thank you for the comments! I’m glad the posts are useful!

  3. chery cole says:

    great post. Please keep up the good work

  4. Srixon says:

    Just the site I was looking for to help
    me with my American History classes. Thanks.

  5. callaway says:

    Hi, I’m taking this subject at college so I will keep popping back to check on any updates,
    please keep up the good work Will.

  6. Just to let you know I am keeping my eye on you because I enjoy the blend of aesthetics, technology, and history. Keep on shining this light on our past.

  7. Vaping says:

    I am really enjoying your blog on the making of modern America
    especially about how the railroads had a big part in it all.

  8. Jane Moody says:

    … awaiting the publication of you book and will schedule you to speak at the Boxford Town library when that happens. Great stories. Jane

  9. Edward Wurtz says:

    Looking forward to your Mima Queen book. Gabriel Duvall is a relative of mine. In his dissent he mentions the General Court of Maryland, formerly the highest court in that state, in which he was formerly the Chief Justice. Though considered a mediocre Associate Justice, his pithy dissent in Mima Queen was spectacular. It would interesting to learn of his previous remarks and views, if any, on slavery before he wrote his dissent. (BTW, the Duvall families were slave owners – my own Duvall Civil War ancestor was a slave owner and Confederate, which stands in contrast to all of my other Civil War ancestors who fought for the Union.)

  10. Thank you Edward for your comment. I am looking for any papers of Duvall’s and especially any that deal with slavery.

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