Network: InfoVis - toolkit

In compiling basic spreadsheets and notes with data about Nebraska suffragists and their activities, it became clear that at the state and local level women were developing networks of activism and communication. Although multiple network visualization software packages exist, their manipulation by the casual visitor to a website is nearly impossible - and I want people to be able to work their way through these networks and understand where connections are.

UCINet image

UCINet software enables graphing of multiple nodes, but is slightly less useful for the web user, as it requires a readiy-accessible data set to manipulate and results in a much less visually pleasing structure - discouraging play and exploration.

The toolkit created as part of InfoVis offers users a variety of types of graphs to incorporate into their work. The force directed graph allows users to highlight nodes and shape their own investigation.

In this instance, connections to the NWSA are highlighted.

To see the full network visualization, go here.